Fun with Windows Phone 8 and NFC

I currently have a Windows Phone 8 device, specifically the HTC 8X.  One the features in this phone is Near Field Communications (NFC).  I had heard a lot about NFC so I wanted to try it out.  So, I bought some NFC tags from Amazon.  I found the tags by searching for windows phone 8…


BLINK by Microsoft Research for Windows Phone 8

One issue I have had with the Cameras on Windows Phone and other Smart Phones is getting the perfect picture.  This is especially true when trying to take a picture of a person that is moving.  For example, I will try to take a picture of my daughter and by the time picture was taken…


Data Sense

I normally post blog posts about PKI and not phones.  However, I recently received my HTC 8X, which I love.  On my previous phones, I had always wanted to track data usage by application.  While there may have been apps that already provide this functionality, I was unaware of them.  However, my HTC 8X (Verizon), shipped…



I received my HTC 8X this week.  It is such a beautiful phone.  If you have time to stop by an AT&T or Verizon store, you should definitely take time to check it out.