Windows Phone Awesomeness

Wow!!!  It’s pretty awesome to see the continued evolution of Windows Phone! I have posted in the past about some really cool features such as NFC and DataSense. But recently there have been a lot of interesting applications released for Windows Phone. GDR3 This morning when I woke up and checked my Windows Phone (HTC8X…


Getting Started with Windows Azure: Part 5 Getting Familiar with the Windows Azure Management Tools for Virtual Machines

Now, that we have created our first VM we want to get familiar with the Management Tools.  For the purpose of this blog posting, I will be covering the Management Tools presented by the Web Interface.  Specifically, I will be covering the management tools for Virtual Machines.  Once you login to Windows Azure ( you…


Getting Started with Windows Azure: Part 4 Creating a Virtual Machine from the Gallery

So, in my previous blog posting I covered how to create your first Virtual Machine in Windows Azure IaaS.  In that blog posting we used the QUICK CREATE method.  In this blog posting, we will be performing similar steps using the Virtual Machine from the Gallery wizard.  Creating a VM “From Gallery” is pretty straightforward,…


Getting Started with Windows Azure: Part 3 Creating Your First Windows Azure VM

In the previous two blog postings (Getting Started with Windows Azure: Part 1 Introduction and Getting Started with Windows Azure: Part 2, What are Cloud Services?) I discussed how to get a Windows Azure Trial account as well as some background information on cloud computing and Microsoft’s Cloud Services.  In this blog posting I am…


Getting Started with Windows Azure: Part 2, What are Cloud Services?

What is Windows Azure? “Windows Azure is Microsoft’s application platform for the public cloud.”  In other words Windows Azure is a platform that allows organizations to have their applications run in the public cloud. What is a Public Cloud? Public Cloud is a service that provides a platform for running applications and services.  Characteristics of…


Getting Started with Windows Azure: Part 1 Introduction

Regular visitors to my blog know that I am an expert in Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).  That has been my focus for many years now.  I also have a strong background in Active Directory, previously working for the Directory Services support team at Microsoft.  As Microsoft transitions to a Services and Devices company, I must…


PKI Disaster Recovery: Backing Up and Restoring AD Objects

In my last blog posting I covered viewing PKI related Active Directory Objects.  In this blog post, I am going to cover the steps necessary to backup and recover AD Objects.  The group responsible for Active Directory in your organization should have the capabilities to both back up and restored Active Directory objects.  However, I…


Upgrading your PKI to Windows Server 2012 (New Video)

This video covers the steps necessary to migrate a two tier PKI to Windows Server 2012. This video replaces my previous videos covering these steps. For those that watched Part I, II, and III of my previous upgrade video series and just want to see the content that was supposed to be in Part IV,…


PKI Disaster Recovery: Viewing PKI Related Active Directory Objects

Now that I have Windows 8.1 installed on both my Surface and laptop (Lenovo T430s) I have some time to work on some blogs.  I am going to continue on the “Operating a PKI” series.  However, I did want to cover Disaster Recovery in a series of blogs as well.  I will of course cover…


Operating a PKI: Revoking Orphaned Certificates (Video)

This video covers the steps necessary to revoke orphaned certificates. Additional information on this topic is available at Revoking Orphaned Certificats