Data Sense

I normally post blog posts about PKI and not phones.  However, I recently received my HTC 8X, which I love.  On my previous phones, I had always wanted to track data usage by application.  While there may have been apps that already provide this functionality, I was unaware of them.  However, my HTC 8X (Verizon), shipped…


PKI Design Considerations: Certificate Revocation and CRL Publishing Strategies

In this blog posting I want to talk about revocation, in particular CRLs.  I will cover some strategies for designing a revocation solution.  This includes determining where to host CDP Repositories and how best to configure CRL publishing. Revocation When a CA Administrator determines that a certificate should no longer be trusted, the CA Administrator…



I received my HTC 8X this week.  It is such a beautiful phone.  If you have time to stop by an AT&T or Verizon store, you should definitely take time to check it out.


Windows Server 2012 Enterprise CA, XP Compatibility Link

If you deploy an Enterprise CA on Windows Server 2012 you will have to disable a security setting to enable Windows XP clients to enroll for certificates.  See:  Please note the “Warning” in the article, before disabling this setting. -Chris