Xbox プレスキットをダウンロード

Xbox One ゲームタイトル


ul.gameList {padding:0; border-bottom: 1px solid #e8e8e8; }
ul.gameList li{padding: .55em 0; border-top: 1px solid #e8e8e8; list-style: none; clear:right;}
ul.gameList li ul{float:right; width:55%; margin: -.2em 0 .2em; padding:0}
ul.gameList li ul li{padding: .35em 0; font-size: 12px; background-color:none; border-top: 1px dotted #ddd; }
ul.gameList li ul li:first-child{border: none;}
.download{float:right; text-align: right; font-size: 13px }
.download a{float:right;width:9em; text-align:right; font-size: 13px}

@media only screen and (max-width : 479px) {
ul.gameList li{font-size:12px; padding:.8em 0;}
.download, .download a{font-size:12px;}
ul.gameList li ul li{font-size:11px;}
ul.gameList li ul{float:none; width:auto; padding:0 0 0 2em;}

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