Silverlight now available

Hi WSUS Admins:    Just a friendly reminder, the latest Silverlight update rollup was released today. So if you have Silverlight deployed in your environment make sure you validate and approve it to continue Silverlight’s serviceability in your managed environment. If you haven’t deployed Silverlight yet, you can sync feature packs and approve Silverlight for…


New BizTalk Server Product Family and Host Integration Server Product Categories coming soon to WSUS

Hi WSUS Admins,   Just wanted to let you know in a few days you will see a new product family in your WSUS server – BizTalk Server.  The BizTalk Server product family will include updates for Host Integration Server 2000, Host Integration Server 2004, and Host Integration Server 2006.  For additional information on the…


New Category for Microsoft Expression Product Family

In the next few weeks, we are adding a new category to your WSUS server – Expression Media 2.  The category belongs to the Microsoft Expression product family. The category will include updates for Expression Media 2, including service packs, optional updates, and critical or security updates.   For additional information on Expression Media Products see:…


WinVerifyTrust update will be mandatory for WSUS

Good morning folks,   A couple of weeks ago, I posted about Windows Vista Service Pack 1’s availability to WSUS. In that post, we mentioned that you should install the WinVerifyTrust update (KB 938759) if you are running your WSUS server on a Windows 2003 server to prevent Windows Vista SP1 from being continually re-downloaded to…


Client/Server Synchronization issues

Good morning! Now that you are all back from TechEd, I wanted to address an issue that a couple of folks contacted us about regarding some client/server synchronization issues they were experiencing in their WSUS environment.   Issue: Computers that have Office 2003 or components of Office 2003 installed fail to run a detection against…


Windows Vista SP1 available to WSUS

Hi everyone,   Quick update on Windows Vista SP1’s availability to WSUS. As I mentioned previously, we are planning on making the full standalone version of the service pack directly available to WSUS shortly (it’s been available for the last couple months in the MU catalog).  Before we do so, we would like to give you one…


Hyper-V RC available on Windows Update

Folks, Today, April 8, the Windows Update team is making the Hyper-V Release Candidate package available as an “Optional Update” via Windows Update for all Windows Server 2008 SKUs. It will also be published as an “Optional Update” to WSUS. For more detailed instructions, please refer to How to Install Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V Release Candidate….


Vista SP1 for WSUS 3.0 servers is coming

Good afternoon folks! I just wanted to let you know that we are planning on providing some guidance for the community next week to coincide with the availability of Vista SP1 to WSUS, please check back next week for more information, thank you! Cecilia Cole | WSUS Program Manager


Silverlight is now available to Windows Vista systems

Hello folks! I wanted to refresh your memory regarding a post we published a month ago about a new product family called Silverlight. Starting today, it will be available as a feature pack for WSUS admins, and MU users will see it as an optional update. Enjoy!     Thank you.   Cecilia Cole WSUS Program Manager


WSUS 3.0 SP1 is now RTM!!!

Dear WSUS users,   I am very excited to announce the release of WSUS 3.0 SP1, now live and ready for download! This is a significant release that represents a huge milestone for all involved and we thank you greatly for your feedback and support throughout the life cycle of this project.    WSUS 3.0 SP1…