Best Practice Analyzer for WSUS

Greetings WSUS users, Some of you might not know that Windows Server 2008 R2 has released an update that added new Best Practice Rules to various Server Manager roles, including one for Windows Server Update Services (WSUS). For more information on Best Practice Analyzer, please read this interesting blog from our Windows Server colleagues. What is BPA…


“Important” drivers will start being targeted to WSUS.

WSUS Admins –   We would like to notify you of a change you will see starting next week.  If your WSUS settings are configured to synchronize the “Drivers” update classification then your server will start syncing drivers designated as “Important.”   Important drivers are ones known to address a critical issue. Typically they fix…


New Product under Windows for EU Browser Choice Update

There will be a new product category added to your WSUS server under the existing Windows family titled “EU Browser Choice Update-For Europe Only” to support the release of the EU Browser Choice update (KB976002). The Browser Choice update is a software update for Windows that Microsoft is required to distribute in Europe as part…


New Category for Expression Web 3

Hi WSUS Admins, There is a new product category being added to the WSUS Products and Classifications dialog under the product family “Expression”. The new product category is for Expression Web 3. The Expression Web 3 product category will include updates for Expression Web 3, including service packs, incremental and cumulative updates. For additional information on the Expression…


Re-offer reports confirmed for KB973869

  Hi Folks – We have investigated reports that the KB973869 (MS09-037) update is re-offered through Automatic Updates and Windows Update on some x64 systems, after it has already been installed. We have identified some limited scenarios where this is occurring with Windows Server 2003 x64, Windows XP x64, and Windows Server 2003 for Itanium-based…


The 2007 Office System Service Pack 2 coming to WSUS in April

Service Pack 2 for the 2007 Office System will be made available to Windows Server Update Services in April, classified as a service pack.  Service Pack 2 includes some significant work, including: built-in ability to save as ODF & PDF formats, improvements to Outlook’s performance and calendar reliability, significant bug fixes for charts in core…


.NET 3.5 SP1 and Family Update Information

Hi WSUS Admins:   We’ve noticed some confusion about the recently released updates for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1.  So, let’s see if we can help clarify the differences in the packages.  These updates apply to x86 and x64 computers.  The detailed update descriptions describe both the platform and OS architecture that apply for each…


Critical Security Update released today

 WSUS Admins: Please ensure you have synched your WSUS servers and deployed the critical security update released today, 10/23/2008 to your environments.   For more information see:  Microsoft Security Bulletin MS08-067.  


Silverlight now available

Hi WSUS Admins:    Just a friendly reminder, the latest Silverlight update rollup was released today. So if you have Silverlight deployed in your environment make sure you validate and approve it to continue Silverlight’s serviceability in your managed environment. If you haven’t deployed Silverlight yet, you can sync feature packs and approve Silverlight for…


New BizTalk Server Product Family and Host Integration Server Product Categories coming soon to WSUS

Hi WSUS Admins,   Just wanted to let you know in a few days you will see a new product family in your WSUS server – BizTalk Server.  The BizTalk Server product family will include updates for Host Integration Server 2000, Host Integration Server 2004, and Host Integration Server 2006.  For additional information on the…