MS11-018 Internet Explorer 7.0 Cumulative Security Update (KB2497640) Revised

MS11-018 (KB2497640) for Internet Explorer 7.0 has been revised today to correct an error in Microsoft Update logic.  The revision corrects an issue that caused the update to incorrectly report that it was already installed on some Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 platforms where it was not installed.   See MS11-018 for details.


Critical Security Update released today

 WSUS Admins: Please ensure you have synched your WSUS servers and deployed the critical security update released today, 10/23/2008 to your environments.   For more information see:  Microsoft Security Bulletin MS08-067.  


Managing changes from a WSUS Server

There are multiple ways updates can be deployed through WSUS to client machines (“client machines” mean clients of the WSUS server – the machines may be running either client or server operating systems). This posting describes these mechanisms and the way they can be controlled by the administrator in order to ensure unexpected changes do…


ATI Radeon Graphic Card updates… 3892…

A few people on the newsgroup mentioned concern over a flood of ATI Radeon Graphic Card updates. There were close to 4000 sync’ed recently to their WSUS 3 and WSUS 2 servers, and there was worry that something strange had happened. Short answer: It’s fine, though unpleasant to look at. Here’s some more background, partially…