New Product Family and Product Categories for Microsoft Online Services

A new product family has been added to your WSUS server –
Microsoft Online Services. The Microsoft Online Services product family
will include updates for the Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant
product categories. A new product category entitled Microsoft Online
Services Sign-In Assistant
will allow a variety of regular update types,

such as update rollups, critical updates and security updates, and a product
category entitled Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant (Smart Setup
for First-Time Installations)
will contain updates to be used on demand

only when Microsoft Office 365 services are deployed. You will see the new
product family categories as new updates are available for this product.
Microsoft Online Services updates will also be available in the Microsoft
Update Catalog at

Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant allows users
single sign-on and federated identity access to Microsoft Office 365 services.
You should synchronize the Microsoft Online Services family if your
organization has deployed or plans to deploy Microsoft Office 365 services to
ensure this product is kept up to date. For additional information about
Microsoft Office 365, see

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  1. susan says:

    In SBS servers you have to leave the settings as "all products" otherwise adjusting this will break the console integration.

    Declining KB2630976 is appropriate in a SBS network that has not or will not deploy Office 365.  One can always go back and approve it if you later roll it out.

  2. Burak says:

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  4. Jwk says:

    How do they new classifications get added? A fresh install of wsus will only show a dozen or so

  5. sen says:

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