New Category and Product Family for Microsoft StreamInsight

We will be adding a new product family to your WSUS server – Microsoft StreamInsight. The Microsoft StreamInsight product family will include updates for all Microsoft StreamInsight products. It will include a variety of update types, e.g. service packs, optional updates, critical updates and security updates. Additionally, Microsoft StreamInsight updates will be available through Microsoft Update and the Microsoft Update Catalog

A new product category will be added to your WSUS server under the Microsoft StreamInsight family, entitled Microsoft StreamInsight 1.0. The Microsoft StreamInsight 1.0 category will allow all classifications of updates to be offered to the Microsoft StreamInsight 1.0 product (including 1.0 Refresh). You will see this new category when new updates are available for this product.

You should sync the Microsoft StreamInsight family if you have these products in your managed environment. For additional information about Microsoft StreamInsight see:

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  1. susan says:

    May i respectfully request that when something like Win7 sp1 will be released on WSUS that it gets blogged about?

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