Microsoft Security Essentials anti-malware definitions now available via WSUS

WSUS admins, 

Microsoft Security Essentials antimalware definitions are now available via WSUS. Microsoft Security Essentials is a core antimalware service for consumers and home-based small businesses that Microsoft released in September of 2009. This was done because academic institutions around the world (particularly in Asia) provide students with low cost or free internet access and provide students with update services through WSUS.  Many students are protecting their computers with Security Essentials, and the universities requested that the definition updates be provided via WSUS.

With this change, there is a new product family (Microsoft Security Essentials) and product name (Security Essentials)  WSUS in the admin console.  Note that the addition of this product family and product name is only to accommodate the definition updates for Security Essentials.  This is not a replacement or a rename for any current Microsoft a/v product.

MU and Microsoft Security Essentials teams

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  1. @IL2 & @Ron

    I just got off the phone with Microsoft and the MSE team are now working on a fix for the WSUS issues and will post an update on what is going on presumably in both forums, the one you list above:-

    and also:-

    The devleopers are working on fixing these issues and I have had a support case running with MSFT since 25th March regarding both the WSUS issue and also the WU/AU vs MSE updating mechanism.



  2. hypothesis says:

    Hello. Is it possible to configure WSUS for MSE definitions this way:

    – choose architecture x86/x64 to download

    – choose to download the full version of definitions or patches. It is needed to overcome issue when patching is more consuming process than to download, unpack and replace the full

    – how often to download full version?

    The second question: is the update process for MSE is the same as for FCS from both WSUS and client sides?

  3. Ron Pender says:

    This change is causing a lot of grief for users that have AU set to notify only mode. See this thread:

    There should be a way to turn off MSSE updates via WSUS and just rely on MSSE to update itself.

  4. Brian B says:

    This makes no sense.  What kind of university "needs" to manage definitions by WSUS but can’t afford a commercial AV solution like FCS?  You’re screwing over every individual user for their sake?  Let them put in a caching proxy and put MSE back to getting updates silently and in the background.

  5. Nicholas R says:

    Has anyone else noticed an increase in bandwidth usage?

    Each Definition Update is over 100MB and if you have set automatic approval for security updates it will download all 3 updates each day. That’s about 400MB each day, 12gig a month which is a lot for a small business.

  6. Jose Angel Rivera says:

    I am trying to make a rule to Auto-Approve the Security Essentials updates, but when I run it, it does not work.  I created the rule to approve any update that is in the Microsoft Security Essential product.

    Is it possible?  And if yes…how?

    Thanks in advance if anyone here has the answer.

  7. Alexander says:

    WHAT!!!!  A 100mb per update.  Thanks Nicolas.  Did’nt know that.  That why our 20Gb of cap went so fast last month.  Thanks again.

  8. dekorasyon1 says:

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  9. Doug says:

    What's the point?  The MSE license only allows use in a home.  A university or office-based small business is not allowed to use it.

  10. Sadjad says:

    Two questions

    1) Why only definition updates for MSE come to WSUS, why not the updates, e.q the current wersion of MSE is 1.0.1963.0 but there is no update coming to WSUS for MSE

    2) Why I'm I having two Security Essentials under Microsoft Security Essentials in product selection pages???? (I'm getting two collection of definition updates each time I synchronize)

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