Re-offer reports confirmed for KB973869


Hi Folks – We have investigated reports that the KB973869 (MS09-037) update is re-offered through Automatic Updates and Windows Update on some x64 systems, after it has already been installed. We have identified some limited scenarios where this is occurring with Windows Server 2003 x64, Windows XP x64, and Windows Server 2003 for Itanium-based systems.   No systems are left unsecure due to this behavior.   A revision to the update detection logic will be published shortly to prevent this update from being re-offered after it has been installed, and to ensure clients accurately describe the updates' installed status.  If you have installed this update, you do not need to re-install the revision.


We apologize for this inconvenience,


The MU Team



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  1. Re-offer reports confirmed for KB973869
    thank you

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  3. I’ve had a similar expericence with Microsoft Update continually re-offering the KB956744 Security Update to XP SP3 (x86).

  4. artb says:

    I have this looping problem with KB973869, but the most disturbing thing was calling MS’s security group to try and get help.  After being bounced around from one barely English speaking person to another, I finally got someone who told me that I would need to use one of my support incidents or pay for a new one to get this resolved, even though the problem was happening on all of my 64 bit systems and many others I found searching on the internet were having problems as well.

  5. IanD says:

    Update is continually offering this KB hotfix on a Windows 2003 SBS (32 bit)

  6. Zoee says:

    Will the fix be an update for WSUS? Should we just leave the machines with the update prompt for now and it will just go away?  Lastly, is there an ETA for the detection logic update?

  7. Mark Fellensiek says:

    Detection logic is also faulty for KB947319 (Security Update for Microsoft Office Web Components).

    It is detected as required for Vista computers that have Access Runtime 2003 installed.  However this update repeatedly fails to install.  Over 40 Vista computers affected.

  8. Jake Smith says:

    Detection logic is also broken for KB94319 on Windows XP if you have Access Runtime 2003 installed.

    Also, if KB94319 is already installed and an attempt is then ade to install Access Runtime 2003, it will fail.

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  10. Ira says:

    THX for the good informations.

    Ira from St. Petersburg

  11. Dave says:

    Is there a fix for this yet????

  12. Larry says:

    I’ve had the same re-offer for KB973869 on NON-x64 XP SP3 systems for well over a month now.  PLEASE don’t just limit the fix to x64 versions!

  13. Bryon says:

    I have had the re-offer on our two X64 XP SP3 engineering machines since the "critical" update was pushed out. I am starting to believe that no fix is in the works.

  14. inci kolye says:

    Detection logic is also broken for KB94319 on Windows XP if you have Access Runtime 2003 installed

  15. Marc says:

    Microsoft is really lagging on this one.  Still no fix or update about a fix.

  16. Estetik says:

    Microsoft made a very good marketing company

  17. jim says:

    Still looks to be happening to me.

  18. Msn Nicks says:

    Thanks so much, Meredith! (and everyone!!) It’s great to hear from you, and it’s such a great encouragement.!

  19. Stephen Kane says:

    So, I read this e-mail chain and I still don’t see the solution to the detection problem referenced at the begining of this chain?

  20. sohbet says:

    interesting information thank you

  21. Snertly says:

    Looks like the answer is to wait until MS does something mysterious and magical.

    By the by, got an WinXP64 box built y’day with this very issue.

    Or, sounds like, having watched the update install several times now (does it need a reboot afterward?), I suppose one could uncheck it in the Windows Update and ask it to not talk about that one any more.

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  23. sohbet sayfası says:

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  24. Matthew McDonald says:

    I just noticed this issue on some of my x64 boxes.  Is there STILL no update for this?  It has been over 6 months since this blog was posted.

  25. Boon says:

    Still no fix and 0 help from microsoft.

  26. Boon says:

    I installed WindowsXP-KB972828-x86-ENU.exe and it fixed this issue. Had to download it from microsoft the sent via email with password way. But it fixed the issue.

  27. kuaför malzemeleri says:

    thank you ver much.. very nices

  28. kamerali sohbet says:

    I have had the re-offer on our two X64 XP SP3 engineering machines since the "critical" update was pushed out. I am starting to believe that no fix is in the works.

  29. JM says:

    Same here. kb973869 in endless loop on my x64 w2k3. 1 year after the mentioned fix. Either the fix didn't work or it only worked for a limited time period.

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