A new version of WUA is rolling out on Windows Update

Hi all,

We wanted to let you know that a new version of the Windows Update Agent is being released on Windows Update over the next couple of months. Because WSUS and Windows Update both use the same Windows Update Agent, this means that WSUS-managed end-user who navigates to WU to perform an interactive sync will receive an updated version of WUA as this new agent is rolled out over the next few months. Machines who's end-users don't explicitly navigate to WUA to perform an interactive scan will continue to use the existing version of WUA. This will result in a mixture of WUA versions in most corporate environments. Because WUA is backwards compatible, machines that recieve the newer agent will continue to work just fine with WSUS.

You can read more about this change in the Windows Update blog at http://blogs.technet.com/mu/archive/2008/07/03/upcoming-update-to-windows-update.aspx.

-Marc Shepard

WSUS Program Manager Lead


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  1. Anonymous says:

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Microsoft has announced it will upgrade Windows' update mechanism later this month, a warning that

  3. WSUS Team says:

    No, we have no plans to make this version of WUA available to existing WSUS servers.

  4. Mads says:

    Will the WUA update be available through WSUS?

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  6. Alexander O'Leary says:

    I hope the new version is the same as


    The version I linked above is what I call my magic wand for my problem WSUS clients that register failures on update installation.  

  7. 127 says:


    Issues that are fixed by version 7.2.6001.784 of the Windows Update Agent

    This update fixes the following issues that are not previously documented in a Microsoft Knowledge Base article:

    • Improves scan times for Windows Update

    • Improves the speed in which signature updates are delivered  

    • Enables support for Windows Installer reinstallation functionality  

    • Improves error messaging





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  13. SteveCatania says:

    Should I update my WSUS Server to v7.2.6001.784?

    Will this cause any issue with clients?

    I see that the versions are backwared compatible, but how does this come into play if my clients is on 7.2, but server is 7.1? or what if the situation is reversed…

    thank you.

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    Microsoft has announced it will upgrade Windows&#39; update mechanism later this month, a warning that

  31. kartvizit says:

    Should I update my WSUS Server to v7.2.6001.784?

    Will this cause any issue with clients?

    I see that the versions are backwared compatible, but how does this come into play if my clients is on 7.2, but server is 7.1? or what if the situation is reversed…

    thank you.

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