New Product Family Coming

Hi WSUS Admins, Soon you will see a new product category family called PlayReady PC Runtime for Windows Media Center.  Associated updates for the PlayReady PC Runtime will not be made available to WSUS for synchronizing as they are available only to Windows Media Player via the Windows Update API (WUAPI).  You will see the…


New Product Category – System Center Online Client

Hi WSUS admins,   As part of the System Center Online family, the new category System Center Online Client will be made available soon. Updates offered in this category will apply only to computers running the System Center Online Client software and will contain updates including security updates for the client software of Asset Inventory…


Windows Live OneCare coming live to WSUS

WSUS Admins, (Updated 10/30/08) In the next few weeks, Microsoft Update is adding a new product family to your WSUS server – Windows Live OneCare.   These product updates for Windows Live OneCare are applicable for a future release.   For additional information on this release, please see the MU blog. Thank you.  Cecilia Cole | WSUS…


Critical Security Update released today

 WSUS Admins: Please ensure you have synched your WSUS servers and deployed the critical security update released today, 10/23/2008 to your environments.   For more information see:  Microsoft Security Bulletin MS08-067.  


New product family available to WSUS – Forefront Stirling Beta

Hi WSUS admins,   In the next couple of days, we are adding a new product family to your WSUS server -Forefront Code named Stirling -Beta.  The  Forefront Code named Stirling -Beta product family will include updates for all Forefront Code named Stirling -Beta products, including Service Packs, Optional updates, Definition updates and Critical or…


Silverlight now available

Hi WSUS Admins:    Just a friendly reminder, the latest Silverlight update rollup was released today. So if you have Silverlight deployed in your environment make sure you validate and approve it to continue Silverlight’s serviceability in your managed environment. If you haven’t deployed Silverlight yet, you can sync feature packs and approve Silverlight for…


New BizTalk Server Product Family and Host Integration Server Product Categories coming soon to WSUS

Hi WSUS Admins,   Just wanted to let you know in a few days you will see a new product family in your WSUS server – BizTalk Server.  The BizTalk Server product family will include updates for Host Integration Server 2000, Host Integration Server 2004, and Host Integration Server 2006.  For additional information on the…


Modified Product Family – Office Communications Server & Office Communicator appearing in WSUS

Hi WSUS Admins, Just wanted to give you a heads up, later this month you will see the product family called “Office Communications Server” updated to “Office Communications Server & Office Communicator”.   This category will contain updates to components offered for various components of Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007, Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2…


New Category for Microsoft Expression Product Family

In the next few weeks, we are adding a new category to your WSUS server – Expression Media 2.  The category belongs to the Microsoft Expression product family. The category will include updates for Expression Media 2, including service packs, optional updates, and critical or security updates.   For additional information on Expression Media Products see:…


New Revisions for MS08-053 (KB954156) and MS08-054 (KB954154)

WSUS Admins,   Just a heads up that MS08-053 (KB954156) and MS08-054: (KB954154) have been revised today.  You will see new revisions for both  in your WSUS synchronization results, and the will be re-released as well.  For further details on the revisions,  please see the bulletins: and   Thank you,   The…