Svchost /MSI issue follow up:

Hi Folks –


Just want to make sure you know we are actively following up on the comments posted on the svchost/msi issue.   We are working on reproducing the reported performance issues on various systems in our labs.  We will keep you posted as to the findings.


I also want to provide some clarification with install instructions for both the new client and the MSI fix, as well as upcoming available automatic distribution options, and the performance expectations after the MSI fix and new client are installed.


Build 0374 AU client/ WSUS 3.0 client:

While we are engaged in a world-wide deployment of the new AU client (build .0374), this staged deployment is occurring in a wave which we expect to complete by early June.  This means that for AU users, the new client bits will just automatically self update when visiting the site before mid –June, and for WSUS users, you will be able to download the bits after 5/22/2007 (or upgrade to WSUS 3.0 now).


To make the client available earlier vs. waiting for the duration of  the world-wide roll-out, we released the client in a ‘stand-alone’ form which you can download from the Download Center now.    The version of the client is 0374 – and  can be installed directly from:



Further instructions can be found in


Please verify on your systems, the client version here is:  <windows dir>\system32\wuaueng.dll is 7.0.6000.374



KB927891/MSI fix:

To make sure you have the latest MSI fix in  KB927891,  make sure your MSI.dll  binary version for supported platforms are exactly as documented under files in: .


This MSI fix will be available via MU/WU (and there by WSUS) by late May early June.


Expected results:  It’s important to note that with the MSI fix and the new client installed,  the CPU may still go near 100%, but the system should still be responsive and not lock up.  If another task requires CPU cycles they will be shared, but if the system is idle, MSI will use the full cycles available.  If a task is running at the same time as MSI, the system may be slightly slower,  but should still be responsive during this time.  Key to remember the MSI fix and the new client address  unresponsive or locked systems.  CPU spikes during some scans are expected, machine unresponsiveness is not. If your watching the process monitor, you will still see 100% CPU during some scans and this is expected behavior.


Next steps for problem systems:  

 If, after checking these installations, and reviewing expected behavior, iyou are still experiencing this issue and have a system which we can remote into, or obtain logs from,  for further investigation, please contact me directly at  The windowsupdate.log from the system experiencing the performance issue would be helpful information as well as full system description of hardware, platform and additional programs installed and running.


Thank you,

Bobbie Harder


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Its not often that my work PC (running Windows XP service pack 2) starts to misbehave, but recently I&#39;ve

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ok there have been so many questions about these updates that I decided that I should contact my TAM

  3. Anonymous says:

    For those keeping score, there&#39;s a graffiti&#39;d version of the Green Check back on the blog. It

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Folks In addition to the next week’s WSUS 3.0 release, we are making the new client portion available

  5. Anonymous says:

    Многие пользователи WSUS помнят, я полагаю, проблему с обновлениями Office через него – процессор загружается…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Многие пользователи WSUS помнят, я полагаю, проблему с обновлениями Office через него – процессор загружается…

  7. Anonymous says:

    So anyone who regularly checks Microsoft Update with Office installed has been living in pain for the

  8. Anonymous says:

    Microsoft released updated versions of Windows Installer 3.1 to fix a problem that could cause Windows

  9. WSUS Team says:

    KB927891 is being updated currently. The binary versions are:

    3.1.4000.4042 – WS03 x86 and 64  SP1and SP2

    3.1.4000.4039 – XPSP2

  10. Anonymous says:

    Some users are having issues with svchost.exe / msi. The Hotfix+WSUS 3.0 works to some users (see here

  11. New version of WUA 3.0 redist on the way?

    I’ve just received version 7.0.6000.381 via Windows/Microsoft Update (after applying the new Microsoft Update Catalog control).



  12. Anonymous says:

    Ok there have been so many questions about these updates that I decided that I should contact my TAM

  13. James_A says:

    Has anyone at Microsoft actually READ kb927891 recently?

    *ALL* the information in that kb article is out of date: file date, file time, version number, release date, are all wrong.

    The kb article refers to version TWO, which is obsolete. The current file on Microsoft’s servers is version THREE and is dated Mon, 23 Apr 2007.

    How can I check the correct version of msi.dll if Microsoft’s own kb is incorrect?


  14. Eric Young says:

    In regards to James_A’s post, we have the additional problem that we had already previously downloaded and deployed the -public- KB927891-v2.  Now, with KB927891-v3, how are we supposed to verify installation?  Add/Remove programs shows the old version installed, and HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftUpdatesWindows XPSP3KB927891 does not show the updated filelist information for the v3 update.  It still shows the v2 info even though the actual files do seem to be updated.

  15. Robert says:


    I have a question, whats wrong with WUA,

    We patch at our company about 2000 clients with SMS.

    What we found out is following:

    If we patch a client with only installed XP OS + SP2 (MUI) it takes for about 63 patches 25min

    If we patch a client that has installed XP OS + SP" (MUI + Office 2003 + SP2 (MUI) than the patch time goes

    up to 2 hours.

    Whats wrong with WUA used by ITMUv3

    We have WUAv3 + Hotfix  KB927891v3 + SMS (SP3) installed

    the only thing with the new ITMU fixes is now, that the computer stays responsive, this is good, but what happens to the time?

  16. alfionas says:

    Hi everybody… I’m an italian Help Desk Technician. I have these problems about svchost issue. I try to fix using wuaueng.dll (7.0.6000.374) and KB927891 (v3) in windows XP client syncronized with a WSUS 2.0 installed in a Windows 2003 Server SP2.

    The response is the same:


    Expected results:  It’s important to note that with the MSI fix and the new client installed,  the CPU may still go near 100%, but the system should still be responsive and not lock up.


    But the fix is not working with Windows 2000 Prof. SP4 RollUp Client? Can you help me?



  17. Robin Walker [MVP] says:

    Judging by the newsgroups, the problem with long update scan times is related to the presence of Office 2003, rather than any other version of Office, just as Robert reports above.

    It has also been suggested that the size of the DataStore.edb file might be a factor – can anyone confirm this?  What is a reasonable size for this file on a fully patched XP SP2 plus Office 2003 system?  I have one PC with a DataStore.edb file which is over 49MB in size – is this reasonable, or bloated?

    It is not clear whether the patches being suggested in this blog entry address either of these particular issues (Office 2003, size of DataStore.edb), or whether they are just general speed-ups.

  18. Jeff25 says:

    I ran into this problem yesterday at a client. I found a great resource and wanted to pass it on.

  19. Richard Head says:


    Hey dope-head, you are a goober. That does NOT work. Just use the MS hotfix.


  20. Richard Head says:


    Sorry for my previous comment.

    I meant to call you a DUFUS!!!!


  21. RH says:

    Microsoft released Xbox Elite with HDMI. SWEET!

  22. ghahne says:

    IBM T43 system rebuild, w/ Office 2003, using Microsoft Update caused this.  Installed patch  KB927891 with no improvements.

    Solution that worked for me:  

    1- Go to Microsoft Update and under Change Setting, Disable Microsfot Update software.

    2- Update Windows through Windows Update

    3- Update Office through Office Update (multiple passes)

    4- Reboot (not sure if necessary)

    5- Activate Microsoft Update upgrade through Windows Update site

    6- Works now, less than 3 minutes at mostly 100% CPU for update checks.  

    Before it would just hang the machine totally.

  23. nobody4 says:

    Buy a Linux box and all these M$ problems will disappear!

  24. idiot says:

    what a constructive comment…

  25. RH says:

    YOU’RE A GEEK!!!






  26. Jason says:

    Once again notice the dancing, this is the "Windows Update" client not Microsoft update client, also note it does not fix the problem it just keeps your machine from locking up. It still causes 99% CPU utilization. It’s still not an acceptable fix IMO.


  27. nobody4 says:

    Yeah sounds to me that MS is trying to hose XP to make Vista look better. IMHO.

  28. Aye, this problem hasn’t stopped for me, has anyone tested stopping the WSUS from actually looking for Office updates?

  29. J D says:

    How did Microsoft break this in the first place?  I have been dealing with this issue for several months now on 500+ machines.  I have ran every patch known to man, and the only way I was able to find any solution to the problem was by going into services.msc and setting the startup type to manual.  With comments such as "it will still run at 100% capacity" how is this an exceptable answer to the problem?  Upon running the new version of 927891 and a reboot, the machine I was testing completely locked up.  It is difficult to be patience when you have users every day on brand new machines, telling you that it is slow as anything, and the techs actually hope it is spyware.  One basically has to choose between Windows Updates or a functional PC.  

  30. Scott says:

    Thanks Gerhard.

    Your simple solution fixed my svchost 100% issue (stand alone pc). Simple to do. I rebooted after re-activating Microsoft Update just to be sure and I did not encounter a svchost issue.


  31. Jim Brossard says:

    My WSUS just brought down the KB927891 patch.  Haven’t seen the WSUS 3.0 client yet.

  32. Rich (rbsterli) says:

    My WSUS also brought down this, but I am finding NO reference to it either via the KB number or the Internet, anywhere.

    [b]Windows Server Update Services 2.0 SP1 Client Update (KB936301) [/b]

    Description: Install this update to resolve issues with client computers that are managed by Windows Server Update Services 2.0 Service Pack 1. This update also includes support for Portuguese (Brazilian) and Russian users of Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition Service Pack 2. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer. Once you have installed this item, it cannot be removed.

    Classification: Critical Updates

    Products: Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Datacenter Edition, Windows Server 2003

    Release date: Tuesday, May 22, 2007

    More information:

    I’m assuming it’s this:

    But I cannot find any relation between the above KB number and the text below.

    ·         A critical update for WSUS 2.0 SP1 which contains the WSUS 3.0 client self update tree.  This critical update, applicable to WSUS 2.0 SP1 Server, if approved will install a new client self update versioned tree on the server.  When mapped clients check in with this updated WSUS 2.0 SP1 server, their clients will check their version against that installed on the server, see that they no longer have the latest version, and immediately self update to 3.0 versions.   The server will remain a 2.0 version with the capability to support the 3.0 clients.

  33. Rich (rbsterli) says:

    Also, in response to James_A and Eric Young:

    I have found that no matter how many times you choose to apply v3 over v2 for KB927891, Add/Remove still says v2.  You must first uninstall v2 via Add/Remove and then install v3 in order to see "v3".

    I haven’t noticed any performance differences with v2 vs v3 but it’s always good to know you have the latest and greatest!  BUT… we’re not about to to MANUALLY uninstall v2 on nearly 1,000 machines just to see v3 in Add/Remove.  (at this point – unless we notice a performance difference)

    BUT#2, If we DO see a performance difference AND the latest WSUS critical update deploy of KB927819 doesn’t overwrite v2 with v3, I guess we have to re-think.

  34. CodeJudge says:

    ProcessExplorer shows the program beating the memory allocator up quite badly.  They’re likely either exercising a pathological case of the allocator, calling it a bajillion times unnecessarily, or having threads compete for the allocator unwisely.  Note that during this time the machine is doing essentially no I/O.  This is of course the nightmare bug for an auto-update platform…  one that takes out the auto-updater.

  35. tony says:

    Are the WSUS 3 client downloads

    eg. at

    language neutral or are they ENU only?

  36. TampaJoe says:

    I have installed all the patches and still have a problem with the svchost.exe file, processor still runs excessivly and if the kernel32.dll is suspended, the processor calms down to normal, however, IE cannot connect to the internet, have to use Firefox.  Also, this has caused problems connecting to my network drives using explorer, cannot see the drives at first boot.  This is getting tiresome.  I have been watching my pc run at 100% for weeks, doing nothing.  The heat being pushed off the cpu is incredible, just wonder what it is doing to the life of my hardware?

  37. Chris Zeigler says:

    Well, we’re having this same issue at our office.  We have all the latest patches installed and WSUS 3, but svchost is still pegging the CPU and grinding everything to a halt.  On another related note, MS Outlook 2003 seems to be affected by this as well.  After downloading the latest IE patch, whenever you try to type a message or receive in Outlook in HTML format, it takes a minute or so for the text to show up that you type.  I would say, "Hey, let’s just turn off HTML", but it still affects incoming messages and trying to get 300 staff to all do this will be killer.  Are others still having this issue?

  38. Jordan says:

    Hey Jeff, thanks for this ( the procedure outlined there seems to have worked in clearing up the issue for me.

    So…to the MS guys: if the problem is related to something getting hosed in the %WINDIR%SoftwareDistribution folder, which apparently happens from time to time…is there a specific update the seems to be doing it? If its in the DataStore.edb file, as previously mentioned…has anyone attempted (would it even work) to use any of the edb maintenance utilities to check the file (like you would Exchange, ADS, etc)?  Maybe I’ll try that on the next machine we have to fix and see what happens…


  39. Jordan says:

    Well…eseutil works like a charm agains the edb file, but no help yet.  Integrity check looks okay on the DataStore.edb file from a machine that was having the problem.  It did take forever for the Automatic Updates service to stop on that machine, which was necessesary to get a copy of the edb file and its logs.

    Despite that, stopping wuauserv, renaming just the %WINDIR%SoftwareDistributionDatastore directory and restarting the service seems to help.  Windows update still eats up way too much CPU cycles (IMHO), but it does look like it behaves better.

    So…maybe not a corrupt datastore, but some updates have invalid data?  Some have suggested that doing the updates manually from seems to help…is there a difference in the update metadata from there vs what WSUS pulls for a specific update (probably Office realate it looks like)?

    Still digging…..

  40. Dale says:

    I am amazed at the nightmare I am going to have to go though to try to work around a Microsoft bug.  I have been using Microsoft Update for years even before Office 2003 and with Office 2003 since it was released.  How come just now is there a problem with this when it has worked correctly for years?

    There are a lot of flaws in recent Microsoft sofware but I will have to say that this is the worst of it.  Microsoft Update should be something I don’t even have to think about.  Please take this seriously, folks or it could spell the end of user confidence in Microsoft Update.


  41. Dale says:

    Just another point.  After spending 12 hours today struggling with Microsoft Update on just two PCs before finding this solution, now I am reviewing these procedures and the procedures in the referenced KB articles.  

    You have got to be kidding.  This is the fix that you expect millions of users to implement in order to fix broken Microsoft Update when Office 2003 is installed?  I am a MCAD, MCSE, MCDBA with many years of IT experience and yet this is a very daunting proposition to undertake fraught with risk of destroying Windows Update even worse than it already is.  Shame on Microsoft and the WUS team for this.

  42. Bob Brown says:

    The solution for slow microsoft updates downloads and installation of the updates to Office 2003

    While Microsoft Updates are disabled :

    Download the Update for Windows XP (927891) package now.

     Then, restart.

    For most home xp systems

    (which is WSUS version 3.0 client program)

    Install, then reboot.  May take 2x reboot.

    This is a very controversial issue for Microsoft, in fact – if you

    call them and explain it they will immediately ask to remote into your

    machine and look at logs.

    Now for the installs of the updates to Office 2003

    1) Make sure the Office Source Engine is set to manual in the service

    > applet. (start > run > services.msc > scroll through the list and make

    > sure it

    > is listed and set to manual.)


    > 2) Put your Office 2003 CD in the drive and run setup. Do a detect and

    > repair because it is possible that the Local Install Source (the hidden

    > MSOCache folder) or the setup files under program filesMicrosoft office

    > are  toast. Running detect/repair from the CD might help repair this.



    (  1) The first worked for me as I found the Office Source Engine was

    disabled and therefore I only had to switch it to manual and then click on Start)

    you can now switch on the auto updates…..If you dare!!

  43. Chris Zeigler says:

    Sounds great for a couple of users, but when you have 400+ machines for faculty/staff it makes it a bit more difficult to run around and do a detect and repair on everyone.  Microsoft just needs to fix the problem.

  44. jeremy says:

    The svchost issue has hosed my home PC, my work PC, and two of my customers’ PCs. I’ve seen  bad bugs before, but this one is just ridiculous.

  45. Fredrik says:

    The remaining problem doesn’t seem to be primarily CPU related, but rather related to memory consumption and disk thrashing. On machines with about 180-190 MB physical memory available and running a scan, wuauclt.exe/svchost.exe consumes memory until disk paging starts. And depending on a number of factors like fragmentation of the disk, disk speed, disk encryption, whether or not dma is enabled , number of applications running and most likely a whole range of other stuff, the PC will come to a crawl and seem stuck, in some cases even freeze to the point the cursor doesn’t move.

    When the scan is complete, the update service returns the memory and all is well again – until next scan.

    It sure would be nice with a status update on this issue!

  46. Bob Krus says:

    I am a somewhat computer literate user but not a tech. I’m using XP home & I’ve disabled MS Update to prevent Svchost from taking over my machine. I don’t understand all of the suggested fixes for this problem & I’m not going to take a chance of screwing up my system even worse. MS should come up with a simple fix for this & they should do it soon. If not, I’m thinking of getting a Mac.

    PS. Since I’ve disabled auto updates, how am I going to know if they do come up with a fix?

  47. Bill Webb says:

    Amen to what Bob Krus said.  Microsoft’s just too much trouble.  If you guys can’t build a system that works right…well, let’s just say you’ve lost me already.  I’m patching this system for donation, and then going back to my new iMac.

  48. BC says:

    I have seen this problem on numerous machines, MS should go back and build a system(s) in their lab with computers that have updates before the July 2006 updates.  Then download the July 2006 updates and monitor what those updates actually do.  use process explorer.  

  49. vmguy says:

    I have a solution in reverse to what is proposed here.

    On multiple machines, MS and Win update fail on several updates, usually those related to THREE VERSIONS of .NET.

    I tried all the tricks … followed up on the "resolutions", and all of them failed.  The solution was to ENABLE automatic update, then manually update the system.

    Magically, those failing updates now worked, and I turned Auto Update back off again.

    I’ve reported the problem multiple times to MS with no resolution, and it seems to bite me about once a month.

    Thanks for all the helpful hints here … very useful.

    ( I’m off to patch the wizard, the wonderful wizard …. )

  50. rogera says:

    Well I had the same problems in vista Beta, the svchost going into a compute loop, paging all the memory available till it used disk paging and kille dthe system for 20 minutes. They took the files and fixed the windows update client – which was a problem due to edb corruption. Well if they fixed that issue on the vista beta – cant they fix it on XP too ?

  51. territorial says:

    Before you sell your pc and buy an imac (just shuffles to a different set of problems, ya know) try:

    1.   blowing out outlook, and use most any other email client for email,

    2.  kicking out office in the orifice,  and use Open Office (free) for a drop-in replacement for office.


    3.  allow auto updates to advise but not download.

    4.  Manually go to the Updates site a week or so after those oh, so critical updates come out.  

        a. Hopefully ms will have fixed some of the bugs in those releases by then.  (corollary to Murphy’s Law:  The larger the patch file, the less likely it’s fixed yet)

        b. If you cannot wait a week because of 0-day terrors then you XP 32-bit users install eEye’s free personal Blink to guard your puter until ms gets around to it.  sorta

    Life’s so simple with less ms.

    and remember:  this is the family of operating systems which comes to a screeching halt whenever you insert any optical disk…

    later, daze

  52. Joel says:

    I have been encountering this problem for over the year and my usual solution is to load Sysinternal’s process explorer and kill all but the initial 3 copies of svchost.

    I sort processes in a tree so I can see dependancies and kill them all but the top 3. Killing any of those 3 just busts the kernel and you are forced to shut down. I also kill ALG and anythnig else that is not immediately required. I found everything else runs normally, and if something needs to go the the web, it loads an svchost for that session. Once I am done, I kill the strays. My systems run constantly 7-24 for weeks, then I get some updates for Windows and BAM, lockup and crashes.

    So much crap is now wanting to load on the systems that even the ones I used to edit video on can now hardly play a clip in 1:1 resolution. The hardware is the same and the players are the same. Only Windows is updated, so I know that it is the updates that are plugging up the plumbing.

    All I can say to Microsoft is to stop trying to make it look pretty and make it work properly. Who needs transparent windows and "Glass" when the system can no longer do the base job for delivering business applications reliably?

    And, yes, my partner’s next system is going to be a Mac. He too has had enough, and I don’t have enough time to be constantly rebuilding his system. It goes against my business, but hey, what can I do? I can manually monitor my own 4 systems, but I cannot actively do the whole office and all of my clients 7/24. Each has to work reliably on its own.

    A solid service rollup from the initial XP release to ~SP3 would be highly appreciated. As only ONE client has Vista so far, and none have indicated that they are willing to "upgrade", so making XP solid and reliable is my highest interest and priority.

    BTW, I have 2 systems that are still on Win98SE and they were running fine until the begining of the year. Now they too are clogged. Is there a mysterious "kill all the old OS’s" conspiracy to force Vista "upgrades"?

    And my rant continues daily unheeded…..

  53. Rafal says:

    Hey guys,

    really strange things started to happen to my WinXP SP2 installation yesterday (22.VI.2007).

    I need to mention that I haven’t had any problems with microsoft update till yesterday (no svhost.exe 100% CPU), although many of my friends had it.

    Unfortunately, yesterday my computer after several seconds after booting up completely freezed. I’ve waited 50 minutes, but it didn’t help. What I found is that the "automatic updates" service caused this. After disabling this service, the problem vanished.

    I supposed that yesterday my automatic updates client automatically updated itself to version 3.0 ( my <windows dir>system32wuaueng.dll have 7.0.6000.374 version).

    I’ve read several threads in internet discussion groups, where people have the same problem as me.

    Common configuration for the people with that problem is AMD DUAL CORE CPU and NVIDIA graphic card/motherboard chipset (AMD X2 4800+, NFORCE 4 ULTRA in my case).

    My guess is some kind of problem with new thread management in WSUS 3.0 client, which is especially important on DUAL core systems. This is not definitely the problem with SVHOST.EXE 100% CPU case, which can be easily detected using for example sysinternals tools. This problem freezes/locking up a machine, only a mouse works, graphical interface is not accessible, ALT-CTRL-DEL doesn’t work as well. I can’t find anything in EVENT VIEWER logs or in windowsupdate.log in c:windows folder.

    Guys, you will resolve this problem.



  54. Rafal says:

    opss …. I meant: "Guys, you *I hope you* will resolve this problem." and "I can’t find anything *interesting (error or warnings etc)* in EVENT VIEWER logs or in windowsupdate.log in c:windows folder."

  55. fred nerk says:

    is the MSI/MSupdate bug in any way related to the recent hassle with Realtek HD Audio driver?

  56. Stanislav says:

    I have the same issue as Rafal. Didn’t have problems with Automatic Update until around June 22. Now my system has the same symptoms as described by Rafal above – it locks up completely (except the mouse cursor) 20-60 seconds after windows XP startup. It works fine in safe mode. I too have AMD64 NForce4 Ultra system, but with single CPU. I too believe the problem started happening after WSUS 3.0 client has been downloaded. I initially fixed the problem by rolling back a few days ago, but the issue reappeared again as soon as I rebooted the machine (I guess WSUS 3.0 got re-installed again). The only workaround for now is to disable automatic updates. I’ll see if upgrading NVidia NForce4 for AMD drivers would solve this problem (someone else has mentioned it).

    This issue is very frustrating. The affected computer is a MCE system which the whole family has been using for watching movies and TV shows. The system is completely unusable now (unless I disable automatic updates service).

  57. jim says:

    We are having the same issue as Stanislav and Rafal

    XP SP2, AMD64, NVidia video cards.  The PC locks up completely after Windows logon.  Users have mouse functionality but programs do not respond.  We have run XP repairs on affected PC’s which seems to fix the issue.  Then we shut off automatic updates.

    We tried to run the two fixes from Microsoft  WU 3.0 and

    KB927891 but this did not seem to help.  It appears the WU 3.0 has been deployed through a previous update because it resides on some of these PC’s.

    If an update is run manually the problem re occurs.  We have a number of Intel PCs as well and have not had a problem with these.   Any other suggestions??…this is very frustrating  We are surprised MS has not come up with a fix for this  seems like many folks are experiencing it.    Glad I found this forum and hope we get a fix soon  

  58. Anders says:

    svchost.exe (XP)

    (Starta Aktivitetshanteran ser du en svchost.exe som arbetar upp till 90%- cpu:n och det är mer en 5st svchost då har du problem, här finns lösningen)


    Lite hjälp för er som har råkat ut för trög dator

    och ativitet på hårddisken upp till 90% av cpu fart.

    En bugg i svchost.exe update gör att sökning på HD:en blir kontuenligt, helatiden.

    Lösningen är följande, funkar inte med virus-prog eller spy-prog. har prövat utan ressultat.

    (Använd regedit, hittas med kör  =  regedt32.exe)

    (Går ut med detta globalt = ENG.)

    In register.

    (The line look like this in register)





    REG_EXPAND_SZ  %system%system32svchost.exe -k netsucs

    Use reg-editor, look after     svchost.exe -k netsucs      edit and put in    1svchost.exe -k netsucs

    Computer stop to seek and run on Hard-drive.

    Eller blir det att ominstallera hela XP går ej att

    reparera XP, ligger kvar.



  59. Zane Paxton says:

    I am getting desparate. the downloads have not helped.  My applications basically can’t run at all because of the constant error messages… I can’t work!  

  60. Zane Paxton says:

    This has caused my ATi driver to disappear today.  I had to reload the video driver fo rthe ATi FireGL 7350.  I have a dual Xeon 3.8 processor Alienware workstation that is very, very slow.

  61. Brian says:

    I fixed this problem about a month ago, and now it’s back.  If only you could have heard the litany of expletives.  

  62. Erik says:

    This process is killing our company. We have tried many of the supposed fixes, and have experienced no luck. Here is what we have tried:

    -Installed KB927891

    -Installed WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86

    -Reinstalled Windows Update by using a batch file

    -Disabled Telephony in Services

    This is insane. If this truly is a kill off all old systems for Vista, there is no way we can afford replacing 800+ computers…

    What should I do now?

  63. SelfMan says:

    Try Dial-a-fix, run all the re-registrations and flush the distribution store. The main reason why it doesn’t work might be a broken WU catalog.

  64. datindnse says:

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