New Product Category CAPICOM under the "SDK Components" product family

CAPICOM is an ActiveX control, scriptable interface, and COM object redistributed by Microsoft, 3rd party applications, and web sites.  More information about the functionality offered through CAPICOM is available on MSDN in the whitepaper "About CAPICOM".  As CAPICOM can be redistributed by 3rd party applications and webistes, there is no comprehensive list of applications containing CAPICOM.  See more information on this new product category on the Microsoft Update blog, your source for the latest content information on updates available to WSUS!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    So why are my workstations getting Capicom? – E-Bitz – SBS MVP the Official Blog of the SBS "Diva"

  2. New Product Category CAPICOM under the "SDK Components" product family
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  3. Eric Young says:

    Why does the "Security Update for CAPICOM" show up as "needed" for Windows XP SP1 computers?  Support for Windows XP SP1 was supposed to have been discontinued.  Additionally, the same update from the MS Download Center shows that it applies to Windows XP SP2, -not- SP1.  This leads me to believe that there was an oversight in the WSUS detection logic for this update.

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  7. Thomas Pollet says:

    no link to the "About CAPICOM" paper?

  8. Thomas Pollet says:

    no link to the "About CAPICOM" paper?

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