WSUS and Vista Client support

Hi WSUS Admins - Just a reminder - WSUS does support updating Vista clients, but to do so you must have the SP1 installed.   As Vista gets out there among us, just wanted to post a reminder.   Net:  Need WSUS to support your new Vista clients ?? No problem but don't forget you need SP1!

Cheers- Bobbie

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  1. Charles Gregory says:

    Talking of distributing Vista patches – any idea when the Vista Ultimate Extras will start to be available for distribution via WSUS?

  2. nick says:

    I’m also waiting on ultimate extras and language packs to be available for distribution on WSUS. Pretty annoyed the Vista team blog had constantly said that they were available and are now being quiet about the subject…..

  3. James Cornell says:

    As I said somewhere else on this blog, we need an official document on how to setup Vista Home Premium clients without gpedit.  I tried the registry method used with WSUS 2 on Windows 2000 clients but AU has changed to Auto Update, and the key names are slightly different on the client, I added the DWORD values and Strings anyways and tried the normal wuauclt /detectnow but netstat -a reveals that it is not contacting my WSUS server as specified by the registry key, it’s talking to Microsoft.

  4. Murray Grainger says:

    I believe I am running WSUS3 SP1 (although I cannot see where to verify this) and have two Vista Business machines in my AD group that is pointed at my WSUS server for updates. One appears in the WSUS list, and is updated, one does not – but will manually update from the MS site.

    How can I make the Vista unit and the WSUS server communicate?

    I have unsuccessfully searched the web and Technet for answers.



  5. Hagashen says:

    WE have a WSUS server. However when the VISTA update client checks the server for updates it says it is updated even though updates are available and needed by VISTA.

  6. Mike S says:

    I have the same issue as Hagashen. I have 14 or so Vista Updates WSUS is telling me is approved but not installed. They are the language packs, which I do not use, and Silverlight. I am using WSUS 3.0 SP1. I am seeing similar behavior on XP machines. WSUS tells me that there are 14 updates that are approved but thye do not get installed. They range from critical updates to security updates. The XP client thinks it has everything it needs from WSUS, but if I run a standard Microsoft Update, it tells me the same thing as WSUS, and shows me the same list of needed updates. I have given this a couple of days to work itself out, but no dice. Something is buggy somewhere, Anyone have a clue? Thanks,

  7. Mike S says:

    Disregard my last posting. I found the Vista Language pack selection in the WSUS config, so no problem there. To overcome my XP problem, I simply performed a manual update to clear up any confusion. Now all systems show 100% updated.

  8. anbros says:

    Hello, I am working with WSUS 3.0 and I have a Vista Home Premium which I do not know how to cinfigure it to receive updates from WSUS!

    Could you advice me?

    Thanks in advance.

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  15. Juozuxsis says:

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