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Hey WSUS Admins!  Nice ending to the Superbowl I'd say! Hard to believe another Superbowl has come and gone.  Have some news for you all.  Keep in mind we've said WSUS 3.0 RC will ship 1st quarter, calendar year 07.  Seems to me, 1st quarter is Jan, Feb and March and we're getting right into February already.  Not much longer for the public RC beta of a product we are all very proud of, and excited about!  When the beta release of RC goes live, we'll have it up on the Microsoft WSUS 3.0 beta Connect site.  As with the B2, there will be a quick registration survey to fill out -in order to get access to the bits and feedback portions of the site.  I do know it can be a pain to register and answer a questions so I really try to keep the registration survey short.  Keep in mind this helps us to get a better profile of our actual beta participants vs. who we assume they are  & how you manage updates.  That's  a good thing as we plan for, design, and test future features.


Also, just like with B2, you will be able to file bugs in the form of feedback right into the site.  In order to get the most value out of your feedback/bugs we need a really clear idea from you of what's going on.  To that end, we'll be providing RC beta participants a support utility sample tool you can run to  gather all the WSUS3 logs on your system and ".cab them up".  We ask that you include this .cab file attached to your feedback with your exact repro steps, a good description of the problem, and how the app behaved vs. how you expected it to behave for code bug you file.    This will really help us zero-in on the problem and the issue your reporting more precisely, and enable us to take action quickly. 

They'll be more information on this and other RC info on the Connect Site and in this blog, (https://connect.microsoft.com/site/sitehome.aspx?SiteID=110) soon, but wanted to get folks primed and ready for our next open public beta, The Release Candidate of WSUS 3.0!!

Cheers and stay tuned !


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  1. Mouloud says:

    Hello Bobbie,

    Can you tell me what’s the expected date of the RTM version of WSUS 3.0



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    unstable.  I would not want to be the helicopter pilot with you as my sys admin ;^).  

    thank”s happy


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