Update on WUA Srvhost.exe, high CPU consumption and memory consumption issue

Wanted to let you all know there is a revised fix now available for the issue related to the srvhost.exe and 100% CPU utilization.    This issue is described in KB916089 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/916089/en-us), and the revised fix is currently only available from Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS).  To obtain this revised hotfix contact Microsoft Product Support Services. For a complete list of Microsoft Product Support Services telephone numbers, visit the following Microsoft Web site: http://support.microsoft.com/contactus/?ws=support.


In addition to this fix, there is also a hotfix available for the issue where the Automatic Updates service may increase memory consumption over time and may eventually become unresponsive. The memory consumption increases quickly if the Automatic Updates detection cycle policy is set to do detection frequently, such as every 2 hours.  This issue is documented in http://support.microsoft.com/kb/914810/en-us and the associated hotfix is available from PSS.  This hotfix was not revised.


These updates will be available via MU/WU after a complete general-distribution-update package test cycle is completed.  More information on the future availability of these critical updates on the WU/MU sites will posted next week.  

Thanks - Bobbie

Comments (68)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello All,

    I was still experiencing this issue as well as of Feb. ’08. I was at ver 2.0 SP1 during my last deployment. It seems to have happened only when I approved an unusually high number of patches.

    Has anyone found that this issue occurs when approving a lot of patches, and if so, is there a fix? I have also deployed the latest updates.

    In an attempt to resolve this issue I have just upgraded to WSUS 3.0 SP1 for my March patch deployment.

  2. -BaSToS- says:

    Don’t the two hotfixes you mention above both update the same file (msi.dll)? It looks like the 916089 update contains the newest build of this file. So by installing 916089, wouldn’t that also take care of the memory leak fixed in 914810?

  3. Mantvydas says:

    Oh, very good! I’ve recently had this issue on one of the computers I’ve installed in my neighbourhood. Nice!

    The only problem, that I won’t have a chance to install it, for they’re going to buy a new Windows Vista box in February.

  4. Microsoft has ignored the svchost.exe crashing error for far too long. The last revision of the fix did nothing to solve it, are you certain that the new fix actually solves that problem?

    At my work I was forced to take the drastic measure of turning off Office updates for my clients…

  5. Jürgen Winter says:

    Yes, the fix definitely works. We had this problem on about 20 of our Clients and after the Update all of them worked fine.

    But you should try to get the Update KB927891, which is the successor for 916089 and 914810 (at least for Win XP SP2).

  6. ali says:

    Our WSUS installation is new.  Last Friday, we configured the group policy to point our clients to the WSUS server.

    We did not approve any patches.

    This week, one business group had this issue.  Before we received the hotfix from our TAM, we simply changed our group policy setting that determines when our clients WSUS agents check for updates.  Default it was 1 hour.

    We set it to 12…and have not had this problem sense.

    Just wanted to let you know.



  7. Can someone please confirm that all we need is KB927891? 916089 and 927891 replace different files, and one interpretation would be that you need both to fully fix the bugs that are present(crashing svchost.exe and high cpu usage).

  8. Jürgen Winter says:

    Actually i ordered 916089 from MS and got 927891 from them.

    Second, after the installation i can confirm, that 927891 fixes at least one problem described in 916089 (Application popup svchost.exe … the memory could not be "read").

  9. -BaSToS- says:

    Jonathan, what makes you think these updates effect different files? You might be seeing something that I’m missing …  Everything I’ve seen indicates that the only file that’s been changed is msi.dll. I’ve had a PSS call open for several months now and when they were sending me earlier builds of 927891 and 916089 (before they were packaged into private hotfixes), they would only send me an msi.dll file that I would replace on my system.

    The really annoying thing about 92789 (at least the ones I’ve been getting) is that it puts an annoying disclaimer in the bottom right of your screen, saying it’s for testing purposes only.

  10. Mark Sammons says:

    Any update on this, and when it will be made available through the usual Update channels?

  11. Joe F says:

    After 4 transfers I finally go to a tech that gave me the 927891 hotfix.  I’ve installed it on one laptop.  There are others in the domin I manage that have the same or similar issue.  I’m going to monitor this one for a few days before trying it on other pc’s.  I see this issue documented all over the internet and yet Microsoft seems unresponsive to it.  What gives?  I’m not buying Vista to get past this.  

  12. Zeb: Sorry, no idea now, since they edited the original listing and removed the details of what files it patches. I was probably just misrembering anyway.

    Joe:Yeah, the silence on this issue really is deafening. It’s not like the machines affected are a small number. This issue affects any modern system with multiple cores or hyperthreading enabled with XP and Office installed. And yet they ignore it and keep us in the dark…

  13. Mawdsley says:

    Bobbie, Any chance of an update on the svchost problem?

    Its been a while and you indicated we would get more info a week from this post.

  14. Ventajou says:

    We’ve got many users unable to work because of this problem… Any idea of when the fix will be available through WSUS? Or should I just take my WSUS offline so no more systems show up with the issue?

  15. Matt says:

    Really guys. How about an update?

    This bug is a royal PITA and those patches do not fix it.

    When can we expect a solid fix? It affects normal Microsoft Update too. I’ve had to switch to plain old Windows Update on home user machines and there’s no way those people are going to get office updates without it. You’re really setting yourself up for a huge embarassment when there’s a security issue with office and noone gets the patch because they’ve had to disable Microsoft Update or take Office updates of their WSUS servers.

  16. Jose says:

    Out users have been having problems with Srvhost and it got to a point where I had to modify our domain policies and disable automatic updates from our WSUS server. This is incredible where is the support from Microsoft in this critical issue. This is the worse it could happen to a machine mostly laptops since they are unusuable after it goes into a update cycle.  So what’s the word?

  17. Matt says:


  18. mä2 says:

    this is absolutly unprofessional from MS, they shold really give us an Update directliy aprovable in WSUS, for exactly this we use this Tool

    I don’t hope that this is the beginning of planned MS-Bugs in WinXP to bring Customers on Vista!

  19. Marc says:


    any news regarding this case? It’s almost half a year that help was promised…

  20. nick says:

    Just searching for fixes to svchost running at 100%…

    if you lot aren’t aware, more than 12 months later, folk are still having major problems with this – yes, I do hav all the latest updates – inc WSUS3 SP1…

    vista doesn’t have problems, but i ain’t upgrading my machines to that bag of rubbish.

  21. chiper says:

    Yes we rolled out WSUS 3.0 and pushed out all available updates at the same time and our workstations are having high cpu issues however ours cycle up to 100% for 2secs and then back to zero. Seems have the group policy setting less than 2hrs also produces this error however we have set it back to 22 hours the max allowed. I have installed all updates and cleared the Software Distribution folder with no luck. Will keep working on it and post back should i find a fix.

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