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Hey WSUS Admins -

Happy New Year!! Hope you all had great holidays and good times with friends and family throughout!!   As many of you experienced, or probably saw on the news, Seattle was an absolute weather war-zone right before Christmas , with record breaking rains and winds.  After November's rains our Seattle "terra firma" became jello - so all we needed was a great big windstorm to bring our trees down.   And down they came and i mean alot of them!!   What a weather year for the northwest .....we're all just waiting for the firestorms and locust next!!   Oh well, didnt ruin many holidays and we all needed to get in touch with our "pre-power roots" - so I guess it was all good. 

On the WSUS related news-front I have some info on Office 2007 and WSUS 3.0.   Office 2007 will definately be added to the WSUS catalog in time for their first update, sometime in the next month or so.  Now as far as the compatibility pack being available via WSUS, thats a bit more complicated.  Heres' the official word from Office on that one. 

Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats was not engineered to be deployed to Microsoft Update and WSUS.  The Pack, as designed, needs to target a language-specific version of Office XP/2003, and due to the possible MUI combinations available within an enterprise, there is no way to automatically identify the user’s preferred language.  In addition, installing multiple language-specific versions of the Pack on the same machine is not supported.  Therefore, we are requiring customers to select their preferred language when downloading the Pack from the Download Center. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

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  2. EDDIE says:

    Why not allow ONLY the English version of the compatibility software to be available for WSUS. Make those who require a different language patch get the download and manually distribute the patch. Oh, that’s right… it just wouldn’t be PC, would it.

    Amazing how in a country where you must first demonstrate your proficiency in the English language in order to obtain  citizenship, you are routed through more hoops in order to cater to the needs of others’ languages.

    Thanks, Microsoft, for remembering your roots…

  3. Soon to be ex says:

    This is absolute rubbish — it’s bad enough that you broke every single component in Office 2007 and made it unuseable, and of course you don’t make it clear to users that their documents won’t be readable by 93% of the world. I could easily solve this problem by pushing out the compatibility pack to all my users, but you say it wasn’t engineered that way. Get some new engineers.

    Do you think this is going to make us users want to migrate to 2007 so we won’t need compatibility packs? Not even close. It makes me want to migrate to Google Apps or something else that’s free and easy to use.

  4. Wayne says:

    This is a tottaly lame answer every other service pack has a language component in it?

    I for one have tried 2007 and don’t like it at all along with VISTA I love WSUS but MS needs to have all updates included.  Does one department in MS not talk to the other?

  5. Ed says:

    It is possible to deploy it using GPO using the extracted msi file.

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  10. müzik dinle says:

    thats a bit more complicateds.  Heres’ the officials words from Office on that one wonderful thanks

  11. Müzik dinle says:

    Therefore, we are requirings customer to selects their preferreds language when downloadings the Packs from the Download Center very nice

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