DST Timezone KB929120 & KB928338 updates explanation for WSUS admins

Hi Folks,

I know there has been some confusion around the DST updates KB928338 and KB929120.  Hopefully this will help. Yesterday, Dec 12 we released two time zone updates to WU, MU, WSUS and the catalog.  The first of these updates, KB 928388, addresses 30 time zone changes for Windows Operating Systems, and most notably the changes in the US and Canada DST rules for 2007.  This update was classified as optional for customers and companies who wish to deploy it now. While this update is being offered as optional now, once Outlook and Exchange tools are completed, so that all updates and tools can be run at the same time, we expect to change the classification of 928338 to high priority or critical.  For more information please see: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/timezone/dst2007.mspx.

Yesterday we also released KB929120 to update the DST rules for the West Australia time zone.  The State of West Australia recently introduced daylight saving time on a trial basis for the next three years.  However,  the law was passed after the Global time zone update (KB 928388) was developed and tested, so we could not include the W. Australia  rules into the initial package.   That means basically that KB929120 only updates the DST rules for the West Australia time zone, and as such, we classified it as a high priority or critical update available to clients that are set to any Australia time zone and that have OS's on any English locale.  We decided on this high priority, critical update classification as these customers are the most likely to be affected by this change.

Additionally the update (KB929120) was also made available as an optional update for all other WSUS clients which are not in an Australian time zone, or that are in an Australian time zone but not running an OS with an English locale.  Depending on synchronization options, WSUS Admins might see two updates for KB 929120, (as a few have already reported), a critical and an optional update.  Both updates are identical, but the detection logic is based on the parameters indicated above.   Approving the critical update for install will make the update available on ONLY clients set to any Australia Time Zone and which are on an English locale OS.  Approving the optional update will make the udpate available to systems not in an Australian time zone, or that are in an Australian time zone, but not running an OS with an English locale.

Hope this helps - sorry for the lengthy post but want to make sure i address some of this confusion.




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  3. themolk says:

    Not to be too finite, but it’s WestERN Australia, not West Australia.

    Really appreciate the explanation of the patches, however… keep up the good work!

  4. Jack says:

    Any word on patches for W2K and Exchange 2K?

    As I understand it now, MS does not have a patch for either, but at least with W2K there is a manual work-around. As for Exchange 2K,  I ‘ve yet to find any remedy short of a very fast upgrade to Exchange 2003 or 2007, not. Our plan (not to mention also budget) allows for a third quarter 2007 Exchange upgrade.

    Hopefully, MS will come through for all us corporate users who upgrade when we can. Given Exchange 2K is good on extend support until 2011, a patch (or manual fix) would be in order. I don’t want to hear about the "extended support" policy of no enhancements. This one’s a requirement, not a new bell and whistle. Novell tried this dance with us in the case of Netware 6’s end-of-life support policy, and we just moved everything to Windows. Please don’t make us second guess ourselves.

    Sorry for the lenthy post, but this is hitting a nerve here.


  5. Jack says:

    One more thought..

    It looks like the US law changing 2007 DST was enacted in August of 2005. Exchange 2000 mainstream support was valid until 12/31/2005. Why would Microsoft not honor its obligation to resolve this DST change issue having know about since then??? I can see them not releasing the patch right away, but telling customers basically "tough luck" does not sit well with me.

    This could be viewed this as MS not living up to their product support commitment,  or taking this underhanded opportunity to "push" customers to a new purchase.

    Corporate email is a key component of my company’s network services. MS had better realize that its trusted by corporate customers to provide products and support that allows businesses to focus on their main task, that being something other than worrying about something as straight forward as this DST thing.

    Come on MS, do the right thing here…

  6. Does Exchange require an update?  Shouldn’t it be enough to update the underlying OS?

  7. I see my question is already answered here:


    "Why is the update required for Exchange?"

    To paraphrase, if you use Outlook Web Access, your apparent time will be off by an hour between March 11 and April 1 (and again between the last Sunday in October and the first Sunday in November)

  8. alison says:

    Will the Outlook Data Update Tool be able to be deployed/installed via WSUS?

    Because it sounds like there is a OS Patch (kb928388) as well as this Outlook Data Update Tool for previous versions of Outlook (we are not on Outlook 2007 yet).



  9. jameso@microsoft.com says:

    When are DST patches/hotfixes going to be available for BRAZIL.? Very important. Thanks.!

  10. Gabriel Chapman says:

    We have ran into a problem with this update. Users who do not immediatley reboot will have their time zones changed to some random time zone. On some machines even after the correct time zone is put in, it will revert to some alternate time zone.

    Really odd.

  11. Peter says:

    I just read on a MS blog that MS will be adding a new pricing category for non-securiy hotfixes for products in extended support. I have read that DST fixes will be avialable for $4000 for those that do not have extended hotfix support.

    Has anyone else seen this?

  12. Sergio says:

    For the KB929120 & KB928338 updates the WSUS console states that they don’t support removal.   Is there a script available that SMS administrators can use to remove the updates?

  13. Sethu says:

    I am wondering when will KB928338 will be moved to "Critical update" as it seems like we already have the outlook and exchange tools available for download.

    Please let me know.

  14. Brian says:

    I was expecting KB928388 to become a critical patch this week? Please can someone explain why this is not the case? Are there problems the patch?


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