SUS 1.0 Support End of Life is extended

Hi Folks -

Well we dont want to leave anyone in the lurch,  or ruin anyone's holidays having to plan and execute on a quick migration at the last minute so, as many of you may have seen in the MSRC blog, we have decided to extend the SUS 1.0 support end-of-life date to Tues, July 10th, 2007. 

Here is the official word: 

In response to customer feedback, and to provide customers with additional time to migrate off Software Update Services (SUS) 1.0, Microsoft has announced an extension to the end of support date to Tuesday, July 10, 2007.   Windows Server Update Services, (WSUS), the successor to SUS, supports updating for a broader set of Microsoft products and provides robust management and reporting features.  Customers can download WSUS from  Additionally, a beta version of the next release, WSUS 3.0 is available for evaluation.  WSUS 3.0 is expected to be released in the first half of calendar year2007. More information about the WSUS 3.0 beta 2 can be found from

SUS  customers wanting to upgrade to WSUS 3.0 when it releases, will still need to migrate to WSUS 2.0.  There will be no upgrade path supported from SUS 1.0 to WSUS 3.0 and customers are still encouraged to plan and complete their WSUS migrations from SUS 1.0.  SUS1.0 to WSUS Migration documentation can be found here:    We will also have migration documentation published from SUS 1.0 to WSUS 3.0.

Hope this helps give some breathing room for some folks - but come on over to WSUS and leave your wimpy SUS server in the dust:)

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  1. Nikki Sterling says:

    What is the end of life date for WSUS 2.0?


  2. autocad kursu says:

    or ruins anyone’s holidays havings to plan and executes on a quick migrations at the last minutes so, as many of you may have seen in the MSRC blog


  3. belgesel izle says:

    but come on overs to WSUS and leaves your wimpy SUS servers in the dust:) thanks

  4. çizgi film says:

    There will be no upgrades path supporteds from SUS 1.0 to WSUS 3.0 and customer wonderful

  5. film izle says:

    SUS  customer wanting to updates to WSUS 3.0 when it release, will still needs to migrates to WSUS 2.0 beatiful

  6. gaziosmanpaşa says:

    Additionally, a beta versions of the nexts release, WSUS 3.0 is available for evaluations thanks you very much

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