Zune product category appearing in WSUS

Hi Folks - I see a few of you have seen the new consumer product category that showed up in WSUS today for "Zune".  Like 'Codename Max',  this is a consumer offering and no updates for Zune will be available via WSUS.

So then 'why does it appear in the WSUS product category selection dialog" you ask? 

With the current publication solution there is a limitation so that categories published to Microsoft Update also appear in WSUS product categories. We are aware of this, don't like it either, but do plan to have this rectified in our future version (WSUS 3.0) to make sure WSUS admins only view product categories intended for WSUS. 

 For now we appreciate your patience and will continue to advise you of new product categories before or as they appear in this blog.




Comments (10)

  1. AndyC says:

    So how do computers configured to use WSUS get updates for those products? Presumably they won’t look at WU just for those patches?

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