MSXML cateogory revision

Hi Folks –  Wanted to let you know about a change in categories, under which the MSXML update in MS06-071 was published.  This is different from what i posted earlier and was a last minute change.  The MSRC blog ( details the change as well as provides additional information on the availability to SUS.  Some…


SUS 1.0 Support End of Life is extended

Hi Folks – Well we dont want to leave anyone in the lurch,  or ruin anyone’s holidays having to plan and execute on a quick migration at the last minute so, as many of you may have seen in the MSRC blog, we have decided to extend the SUS 1.0 support end-of-life date to Tues, July 10th, 2007. …


New MSXML Categories will appear in WSUS today

WSUS Admins:  In response to confusion reqarding MSXML product family categories from MS06-061, released on October 10th, today you will see a new product family called “Microsoft Core XML Services” in your WSUS product synchronization options dialog.  In this new product family you will see Microsoft Core Xml Services 4.0 and Microsoft Core Xml Service…


New Language Support for Vista Client Updates

Hi WSUS Admins-  Not sure you’ve seen today but we have added support for new locale support options (language) in WSUS, that will be used to support the upcoming Windows Vista product. These languages include:  Bulgarian, Romanian, Croatian, Slovak, Thai, Ukrainian, Slovenian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Hindi, Serbian (Latin). Thanks! Bobbie


Zune product category appearing in WSUS

Hi Folks – I see a few of you have seen the new consumer product category that showed up in WSUS today for “Zune”.  Like ‘Codename Max’,  this is a consumer offering and no updates for Zune will be available via WSUS. So then ‘why does it appear in the WSUS product category selection dialog” you…