IE7 coming soon to WSUS servers!

Exciting news out of a grey, wet Redmond today from the IE team! IE7.0 starts it's rolling release today! 

And now from the WSUS team.....Internet Explorer 7.0 for English clients will be available for WSUS server synchronization from Microsoft Update starting Wednesday, November 1, 2006.  This release will be available in other languages over the next few months. IE7.0 will be classified as an Update Rollup for WSUS servers and will be approximately 15MB in size.    IE7.0 will be available for Windows XP SP2, Windows XP 64-bit Edition, and Windows Server 2003 SP1 systems.

* An important note:  IE7.0 will not be available to SUS 1.0 or SUS 1.0/SP1 servers, which will be at the end of their support lifecycle on December 6, 2006. 

For more information on IE 7.0, see:

For more information on the Automatic Updates distribution of IE 7.0 see:

For more information on testing and deploying IE7.0, download the IE 7.0 Readiness Toolkit at




Comments (23)

  1. Anonymous says:

    IE7 released on the download site…but the WSUS has it autflagged as expired as they won't be picking

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yep, IE7 will be available via WSUS, but not SUS 1.0 or SUS 1.0/SP1. 1 November 2006 (English only) has

  3. Anonymous says:

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  4. WSUS Team says:

    IE7.0 is categorized by it’s associated Windows Operating Systems (2003 server and XP).  If you don’t subscribe to those product categories you wont synch any updates for them.  Since IE7.0 is classified as an update rollup a better way to make sure you don’t deploy it in your environment is to make sure no auto approval for install rule is set on the Update Rollup classifications (since auto approve can only be applied to classifications).  Remember if you use smart synch or delta synch, only update metadata is initially synched from MS.  Only when the update is approved – does all the package content come down.  Of coarse using WSUS, nothing gets deployed into your environment until it is approved. thnkx

  5. Anonymous says:

    With reference to this screenshot:

    Why does this appear in WSUS? And why is its status "expired"?

  6. Matthias Goodman says:

    Does blocking the product "Internet Explorer 7 Dynamic Installer" block IE7 or do I need to block auto approval of Update Rollups?

  7. Darinfp says:

    Can you tell us definitively what will happen when using WSUS to deploy IE7 to non-admin users? Do they need to interact? (Can they?)

    The docs say non-admins won’t be notified of IE7 for Automatic Updates, but don’t specifically say one way or the other for WSUS.


  8. Bob Hyatt says:

    All of my WSUS IE7 updates were almost immediately flagged as expired / declined — as has been said by others.  Any reason for this and any timeline for re-releasing the updates?

  9. Josh says:

    We will turn off automatic approval of Update Rollup classifications.  When we are ready to deploy IE7 with WSUS, will it be a silent installation for admin and non-admin users?  Or will users receive the splash screen asking them to install it like they do with AU and MS Update?  Ideally, we will want it to be a silent installation from WSUS, just like any other update.

  10. Chris Hota says:

    Like Josh, we would like the update to be silent like other WSUS updates.  Is this the case?  I can’t get anyone to tell me one way or the other.

  11. Mikael Rönnbäck says:

    Deployed IE7 via WSUS to 30 of our servers last night, completely unattended, worked without any issues at all.

    Didn’t expect anything else either 😉

  12. Detlev Rackow says:

    WSUS 2.0 SP1 shows IE7 as "not needed" on my clients, therefore we must deploy our test groups manually.

    We use german Windows XP corporate version with SP2 and all the current fixes. The clients show 0 required updates in the windowsupdate.log. Is it possible that the german localized version is still not available on WSUS? We synchronize english and german updates.

    The updates shows up in the management interface as "installationsbereit" (ready to install).


    Detlev Rackow

  13. Tim says:

    Yesterday 11/20 a new release fo IE7 for XP and Server was pushed out, supposedly supporting multiple languages. Instead of being set to Detect Only like the 11/1 release, it was set to install.

    Also, the XP version appears to be Spanish instead of English even though the info states four languages other than Spanish. The install fails to complete becuse it is incompatible with the desktop. It also leaves the machines at the "Installing updates, do not shut down screen".

    I know it isn’t just me because it is also posted by others on the WSUS newsgroup.

  14. Sean says:

    Our company experienced the same problem and I just found out about it as we’re all leaving for the holiday.  We received IE7 on our WSUS server on 11/1 which we had set to detect only.  Another IE7 was released to WSUS on 11/20, which expired the release on 11/1.  The release from 11/20 automatically distributed, even though we didn’t approve it for distribution.  It went out to all our systems, and proceeds to fail with an error in Spanish.

    This is not good.  If anyone learns of a fix between now and Friday/Monday, could they post something here?

    We weren’t quite ready to move to IE7 yet.

  15. Tim says:

    I read on the Microsoft SUS newsgroup that MS is aware of the issue and has expired the update but has not replaced it yet.

  16. Matt says:

    We have the same issue here with IE7 attempting to install in spanish now there is no IE7 available for approval, and I would like a ETA of a new working version.

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