October security updates available to WSUS servers

The earlier network issues experienced on the Microsoft Update platform,
which delayed the October security updates released today, have been
addressed.   The October security updates have be
en been replicating as of
approx. 3:00pm today PST.

If you had a scheduled WSUS synchronization earlier today, which  did not
contain October security update metadata, you can kick off a manual
synchronization or wait until your next scheduled synchronization time to
recieve these updates.

To reiterate messaging on the MSRC blog (http://blogs.technet.com/msrc/archive/2006/10.aspx)  this delay was due to networking for these systems: there are no issues with the October security updates themselves.  Also, this issue doesn't affect customers using Software Update
Services (SUS), Windows Update v4 or Office Update.




Comments (11)

  1. SeaGROL says:

    Any chance of getting Office 2000 added into the next rev of WSUS support? I know its an old software package, but it would be nice to have, and would make my life much easier


  2. SeaGROL says:

    Just in case there are other people reading this blog that need to suport Office 2K, Microsoft did release a tool (OHotFix) that sounds like it should work for my situation. Check out:


    It sounds like a bit of a kludge, but at least it allows you to distribute Office2K semi-automatically.



  3. gelinlikler says:

    October security update released today, have been

    address thanks you subject

  4. gelinlikler says:

    If you had a scheduleds WSUS synchronizations earliers today, which  did not’s thanks you very nice

  5. havuz says:

    kick off a manual synchronizations or wait until your nexts scheduleds synchronization time to recieve these update very nice

  6. havuz says:

    To reiterates messagings on the MSRC blogs thanks subject

  7. ilahi dinle says:

    Also, this issue doesn’t affects customer using Software Updates wonderful

  8. sohbet says:

    unstable.  I would not want to be the helicopter pilot with you as my sys admin ;^).  

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    Also, this issue doesn’t affects customer using Software Updates wonderful

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