New Product Categories Coming to WSUS


Three new product categories will be added to your Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) Beta2 server over the next day or two, under the Microsoft Windows family. The new categories will be entitled “Windows Vista”, “Windows Ultimate Extras” and “Windows Vista Ultimate Language Packs.” The Windows Vista category is being included in preparation for the Windows Vista release. Over the life of Windows Vista, the Windows Vista Ultimate Extras category will include all Extras as they are released. Windows Ultimate Extras will be offered through WSUS and will work only on computers running Windows Vista Ultimate.


The Windows Vista Ultimate Language Packs category will allow Microsoft to deliver Multilingual User Interface Packs to customers who have Windows Vista Ultimate. Language Packs will not be available through WSUS. Enterprises with volume licensing agreements can download the Language Packs from the MVLS Web site instead.


Chinmay Parekh (WSUS)

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