WSUS SP1 published to MU and available to WSUS today

Today the WSUS with SP1 package was published to the MU servers and is available for synchronization to WSUS servers!  Released to the Microsoft Download Center last week, as of today the WSUS with SP1 package is also available via WSUS.

Released as a full product package, at approximately 160MBs, the package will either upgrade an existing WSUS system to SP1, or on a new system, install both WSUS and SP1. 

The WSUS service pack 1 includes support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and the forthcoming Microsoft Windows Vista operating system, and provides additional stability and performance improvements.

For more  information about WSUS SP1, and to find out more about how to update computers running Windows Vista Beta 2, see the WSUS product pages here.

Comments (45)

  1. Anonymous says:

    WSUS Product Team Blog : WSUS SP1 published to MU and available to WSUS today:

  2. Andy says:

    What are MU servers? Microsoft Update?

    It’s been out since last week as I went to download WSUS for a new client last wednesday and the website only had sp1 which i didn’t really want to download on their miniscule bandwidth and install as a guinea pig after the brand new release.  BUT I do need to get it done in the next week or so, so I will be keeping an eye out for any problems.

  3. RM says:

    Ran it as an upgrade, it had trouble upgrading MSDE (something related to perfmon counters) and it left me with a non-working WSUS installation (failed upgrade).  It does back up the database beforehand but I didn’t see clear instructions on how to restore that backup.  I ended up rebuilding from scratch — Easier than fighting with it.

    I’ll hold off on upgrading the downstream servers until it becomes necessary.  WSUS SP1 is faster, but the RTM version with the added index to speed patch approval is almost as fast…

  4. DR says:

    I applied the upgrade this morning and it crashed WSUS and now I cannot launch the application.  I am in the process of rebuilding from scratch, hopefully the database contains all my customizations ( i.e. groups, synch settings etc.).  

  5. Mark says:

    I have downloaded the update, but there are no procedures for updating WSUS in a remote SQL Installation. Moreover, my update fails because it tries to backup the database on my front end server.

    What am I doing wrong?

  6. Vytautas says:

    Well, upgrading WSUS to SP1 did not work:

    2006-06-09 13:41:55  Success   MWUSSetup          Installation of WSUS completed successfully

    2006-06-09 13:43:23  Error     MWUSSetup          MsiApplyPatch failed to apply selfpdate patch (Error 0x80070643: Fatal error during installation.)

    2006-06-09 13:43:23  Error     MWUSSetup          Failed to upgrade selfupdate tree (Error 0x80070643: Fatal error during installation.)

    2006-06-09 13:43:23  Error     MWUSSetup          Client Selfupdate files upgrade failed… Attempting to revert to WSUS 2.0 RTM State… (Error 0x80070643: Fatal error during installation.)

    2006-06-09 13:43:26  Error     MWUSSetup          PerformUpgrade failed (Error 0x80070643: Fatal error during installation.)

    2006-06-09 13:43:26  Error     MWUSSetup          Failed to upgrade Windows Server Update Services from RTM to SP1 (Error 0x80070643: Fatal error during installation.)

    2006-06-09 13:43:26  Error     MWUSSetup          WSUS Maintenance failed (Error 0x80004005: Unspecified error)

    2006-06-09 13:43:37  Error     MWUSSetup          WSUS Setup: Performing Maintenance Failed. (Error 0x80070643: Fatal error during installation.)

    2006-06-09 13:43:37  Error     MWUSSetup          WSUS Setup Failed. (Error 0x80070643: Fatal error during installation.)

  7. gjacknow says:

    I had no problem with the update on a plain jane single server w/SQL installation but it failed on my remote SQL installation.

    I found if you moved the database to the front-end server you could run the update then move the database back to your back end server.

    Pretty shoddy considering the front-end to back-end config is a supported config.

  8. Pipeline says:

    Hi there!

    For problems with remote SQL installations while upgrading WSUS to SP1 look in Athif’s Blog at

  9. Dan_IT says:

    I ran the WSUS w/ SP1 on a Server 2003 Std.  All seemed to go OK but I noticed that only the Windows OS family was available in the Sync options!  I have 3 servers at home I used for testing and they give all options.  I have not synced yet due to the fact that there is about 15GB of data to come down.  Do I have to sync first?  I didn’t on the ones at home.  Anyone else have this issue?  Any work arounds?

  10. Russ says:

    Hmm…it looks like I’m not alone in having SP1 destroy my WSUS installation (with remote SQL backend).  The front-end (IIS) upgrade succeeded, but the back-end (SQL) upgrade step failed with error 0x80070643.  I’ve tried all the recommended "fixes" in the linked blogs and other support sites but it looks like it’s re-install time for us.

    Microsoft should seriously considering pulling this flawed "update".

  11. Russ says:

    Update: how I got SP1 installed on my backend SQL 2000 server and brought my WSUS back to life…

    aspnet_regiis.exe -i

    Run this on your backend SQL 2000 server (takes a few seconds).  After this, SP1 for WSUS finally installed without errors on my backend SQL 2000 server and my WSUS came back to life (after restarting the Update Services service on my front-end IIS server).

    My thanks to "Trevor" on the Technet newsgroups for posting this fix.  Microsoft should make this requirement/fix clear in the SP1 notes and support documents.

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