New "recommended" updates now available to WSUS

Hi Again WSUS Admins!

Not sure if you noticed in todays' release yet, but by popular demand, we are pleased to announce the addition of recommended updates to be made available to WSUS servers from Microsoft.  

Today, Tuesday, April 25th, two recommended updates were made available including the Windows Desktop Search 2.6.5 for XP and Windows 2003, and the Update Rollup for Windows XP Media Center 2005 for Media Center 2005.  Both are classified as updates.  To synch recommended updates from Microsoft Update servers, be sure to check the updates classification under synchronization options in the WSUS server admin UI. 

Cheers - Bobbie


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  1. Jeff25 says:

    On a completely seperate note; can you guys please do something about the superceded updates thing.

    There are two indicator icons. One icon indicates that this update has been superceded by another update(good).

    The other icon which indicates this update supercedes another update; however, this second icon does not also show you if that update itself has also been superceded, so now I have to manually check each one of those.

    You need a third icon that indicates an update that both supercedes *and* is superceded. That way I can simply CTRL-select all the superceded updates and do whatever (like decline them), without having to go and check all of the ‘this updates supercedes…’ ones manually.


  2. WSUS says:

    Hi Jeff – WSUS 3.0 Beta 2 will have exactly what you’re looking for 🙂

    While making some drastic improvements to the updates list (hopefully we’ll be able to share a screenshot soon!) I added a 3rd icon for updates that supersede and are superseded.

    – Kris

  3. Chris says:

    I am currently working on WSUS deployments at sites in Asia, and notice there is no current support for Thai updates.

    Are there any plans to support this in the immediate future?


  4. Szabolcs Pintér says:

    There is some problem with the meta of WDS. It states for example that Hungarian clients are supported.

    But this is not the case, there isn’t any hungarian binary. There is a MUI pack that supports hungarian, but this one isn’t available on WSUS, and the current WDS package doesn’t install on hungarian clients they get the status "Not needed"

  5. Frank says:

    Nice to see, that WDS arrived at WSUS. But the deployment does not work for german clients. The state is set to "Not needed". On the machines where WDS has beend deployed manualy the state is set to "Installed".

    I think WDS in WSUS does not yet work for all languages – see also previos post from Szabolcs Pintér about Hungarian language version.

  6. fr says:

    Regarding superseded updates I was thinking it would be nice if once you have approved the appropriate new update(s) for all the groups that the superseeded update was applied to the old superseded update could be declined automatically.  Basically WSUS should be able to tell when there is really no point having an old update approved any more.

  7. WSUS Team says:

    You’ll be better served in the newsgroups with "Need Help" kind of questions.  The blog comment stream isn’t very well suited to getting your question to the broadest mass of experts.

    I didn’t want to see you be disappointed with spotty responses here.

    — Matthew

  8. WSUS Team says:

    As far as the language support to Windows Desktop Search I did verify that German should be supported while Hungarian Im afraid is not. Would be good as Matt suggests to post this issue out in the Microsoft.public.windowsupdate newsgroup where content support questions can be dealt with – Cross post in the WSUS group too if you dont mind: thnks Bobbie

  9. henslengt says:

    i have too think first

  10. MLC says:

    On a totally unrelated topic, was individual software support like Microsoft Project 2002, Microsoft Visio 2002, etc. taken out? I have not been able to locate a topic related to this. Hopefully someone can post the answer.

    We run few standalone applications and WSUS was very handy to push the updates to those apps.

  11. David Clark says:

    Any idea when Desktop Search 3 will appear on WSUS as I need to deploy it for Office 2007 on Windows XP?


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  13. gelinlikler says:

    all the group that the superseeded updates was applieds to the old supersededs updates could be declineds thank

  14. gelinlikler says:

    I have not’s been able to locate a topics related to this. Hopefully someone can post the answers thanks you

  15. havuz says:

    Basically WSUS shoulds be able to tell when there is really no points havings an old updates approveds any mores thanks you very much

  16. havuz says:

    Windows Desktops Search I did verify that’s Germans should be supporteds while Hungarians I’m afraid is nots thanks subjcet

  17. ilahi dinle says:

    There is a MUI packs that supports hungarians, but this one isn’t available on WSUS thanks very nice

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  19. Sohbet Chat Sohbet odalari says:

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