WSUS 3.0 – Developers’ Blog – Who is at MMS?

Are you at MMS this week?

If so, we'd love to hear your impressions of the WSUS presentations.

It's going to be real code up there - no PowerPoint fakery, or mock-up vaporware.  And yes, we even know about one particular semi-random crash.  We're hoping we get him a fix this week before he stands before the hordes, but... This brings me back to the previous post topic of MMC.  The crash he may hit is due to MMC shutting down views - we didn't handle OnShutdown correctly. 

Which is better?  Hitting a crash in a demo you know about - or the one you didn't? Well, of course we're hoping he won't hit it all, but forewarned is forearmed... (and don't start me on jokes about horses with infinite numbers of legs.)

If Craig hits the crash during the presentation - tell him "Hello from the Devs!" for us, and don't snicker too loudly, okay?

Comments (14)

  1. Rialtus says:

    Oooh… you don’t happen to know what session that is, do you?

  2. WSUS Team says:

    Doing a quick search at, here are the sessions I found on WSUS.  SW09 is the one I think you’ll want.

    SW10 Advanced Deployment Strategies using WSUS 2.0
    Wednesday, April 26 10:15 AM – 11:30 AM, H – Room 31A-C
    Speaker(s): Craig Marl, Rajiv Poonamalli
    Session Level(s): 300
    Track(s): Windows Management Technologies
    Come learn tips and tricks for deploying Windows Server Update Services successfully – Internet facing saving, rollup reporting, etc.

    SW09 Overview of WSUS 3.0
    Thursday, April 27 3:45 PM – 5:00 PM, D – Ballroom 20D
    Speaker(s): Craig Marl
    Session Level(s): 300
    Track(s): Windows Management Technologies
    Come learn about the new features and improvements that will be part of the next release of WSUS 3.0. A demo of the product will be included.

  3. Virulon says:

    So, is anyone going to share with us the info/slides/presentation from the session at MMS 2006?  I chose to wait to hear more about WSUS 3.0 until TechEd 2006 but now I’m hearing things that bother me.  Tell me there will still be a standalone WSUS 3.0 and I won’t be required to use SMS to administer WSUS.

  4. johnson says:

    My suggestion for WSUS3.0—- Pls give administrators an option which disable the prompt for restart computer in group policy!!!!It is very terrible!!

  5. jimelyyes says:

    there is the professional <a href="">world of warcraft power leveling</a> here. welcome.

  6. Mercedes Yedek Parçaları says:

    thank you very much Tell me there will still be a standalones WSUS 3.0

  7. müzik dinle says:

    That will be parts of the next releases of WSUS 3.0. A demos of the products will be includeds thanks

  8. Müzik dinle says:

    If Craigs hits the crash during the presentations – tell him "Hello from the Devs!" for us, and don’t snickers too loudly thanks you

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