Update status Installed vs. Not Applicable

We have been investigating reports that client status for Windows Media Player security updates, released 2/15 in MS06-005 and MS06-006, were reported as installed instead of non-applicable.  We have been able to reproduce and verify that for these updates WSUS, SMS, using ITMU, and MBSA are reporting a status of Installed when in fact the update is not installed and should not be applicable for that client.  This mis-representation of the applicability status of these updates as installed vs. not applicable does not impact the security of these systems with regard to these items.  Status resulting if the updates are in fact installed, or needed by the clients, is correctly reported. Only when the updates do not apply or are ‘not applicable’ to the client does the status incorrectly report Installed results.   The security of the client with relation to these updates is not impacted.  Microsoft is investigating a solution to avoid this condition of status going forward.

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Bobbie Harder, Program Manager


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