New updates available for beta2 Windows Defender today

Hey Folks- Haven't had much news lately.  We've all been a bit long in the chin since the SuperBowl around these parts...... but next years' another year .......right??!!

Anyway, we're all hard at work on the next version of WSUS, but wanted to update you on some new updates coming down the pipe for some beta partners.


Just a quick announcement to keep you posted on whats' coming down the pipe:

Definition Updates for Windows Defender (Beta2) will be available for synchronization via WSUS to Beta Testers Monday, 2/13/06.  To synch these definition updates, for availability to WSUS clients with this beta installed, be sure the new Windows Defender product category and Definition Updates classifications are selected in your synchronization options. 


Windows Defender (Beta2) must be installed on the client for which you are approving Definition Updates. Windows Defender (Beta2) is currently available to a limited group of Beta testers, which will increase to make  Windows Defender Beta2 more broadly available. For more information about Windows Defender and Microsoft’s stance on spyware see:


thanks- Bobbie
Bobbie Harder
Program Manager, WSUS


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Comments (14)
  1. Anonymous says:

    WSUS is not downloading /detecting Windows Defender Updates. Why?

  2. mike says:

    "Next" version of WSUS?  Is that SP1 or is there something else?

    On the subject of the Defender updates, this is really nice and works really well.  Can you confirm if these are treated as "minor" updates that will install immediately if we have the AU client configured in this way, or will they always wait for the scheduled installation?

    Also, with definition updates like this, will they work like other updates and always remain on the WSUS server once downloaded?  I can see this taking up a fair bit of disk space in the future if we can never remove old updates.


  3. David M. says:

    I understand that this new Anti-Spyware is given out ‘as-is’ but I have one issue with it.

    I installed on a few test PC’s and my laptop they continually show that they need updates and I install them and yet it just keeps saying I need them. Just gave up for now. Anyone else experiance this and have a solution?


  4. Amir says:

    I have the same issue with Windows Defender as mentioned by David M. I am planning to roll this out to my clients but on a test machine it is showing that it has not been updated for 45 days.

    I have selected Windows Defender under products and also chose to download definitation Updates but my client is still not able to get these updates. Also in WSUS admin console I see no Defender related defination updates.

    I am looking for a solution to this or should we wait till this product is gone past its Beta stage?


  5. Patrick Smith says:

    I am having the same problem with the system tray icon showing Windows Defender requires attention, when I open the console it shows that the Defination Updates have not been updated for over 45 days.  I’ve tried updating definations on numerous occasions,plus uninstalling & reinstalling the program, but still shows as not having been updated.  Does anyone know a fix?


  6. sarazin says:

    check if BIT is started some time is needed by defender to download i already this pb an i resolve when i turn BITS on automatic now it’s workin fine

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