New WSUS product category coming

WSUS Admins: 

I wanted to let you know about a new product category you will be able to see in your synch options product dialog.  The product is called Microsoft Codename Max  which is a new consumer beta offering from Microsoft.  While this product category will be added to the WSUS synch options product dialog, there will be no "Codename Max" software or updates synched from Microsoft Update to WSUS servers.  Codename Max is not applicable to the WSUS infrastructure.  The actual appearance of the product category in the WSUS UI is a glitch in our publishing logic which will be addressed in SP1.  We wanted you to be notified before you saw this new category and had any questions.  Again, this product category is not applicable to the WSUS infrastructure and no updates or software will be synched from MU for it.   For more information about Microsoft Codename Max see:


- Bobbie


Bobbie Harder

Program Manager, WSUS


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