new version of SUS1.0/SP1 Approval Analyzer Tool posted

Today, Microsoft released an updated version of the Approval Analyzer tool and updated the Knowledge Base article.  The new version of the tool addresses an issue discovered last week where some updates not approved by the SUS administrator could be deployed. That issue only affected the original version of the Approval Analyzer tool.  Therefore, Customers…


SUS 1.0/SP1 Approval Analyzer Script Issue

Microsoft has been made aware of an issue with the Approval Analyzer. We have removed this tool from while we address the problem. The problem could cause some updates not approved by the SUS administrator to be deployed. Therefore we urge customers to not use the tool if they have obtained it until a…


Script released to assist in resetting SUS approvals-912307

Just an update the  SUS 1.0 Approval issue after synching with WU for theupdates released 12/13/05.We have now republished the KB ( contains a location for a script, which in addition to the previouslyreleased workarounds, can be used to assist in resetting previousapprovals.thanks- Bobbie


SUS 1.0/SP1 issue after synching 12/13/05 updates

If you synchronize your SUS 1.0 SP1 server after Dec 12, 2005 all previously approved updates may be unapproved and the status may appear as “updated”.  Newly deployed SUS 1.0 SP1 servers which have not previously synchronized with Windows Udpate before 12/12/05 will not encounter this issue.  If “Automatically approve new versions of previously approved…


IMF update synched to WSUS 12/6/05

Hi WSUS admins, Many of you have asked what the IMF Exchange update is about and why is it not installing.  The Update for Intelligent Message Filter on Exchange Server 2003: 2005.12.06 (KB907747) should not have been published to WSUS.   This update cannot be installed from clients downloading from WSUS, and will be expired by…


New SBS recommended updates to be published

Two new updates will be published and availalable for Small Business Server today via WSUS.  Both these updates are ‘recommended’ only and fall under the classification of updates. In order for your WSUS servers to synch these updates from MU, the product category SBS must be checked as well as the “updates” classification in your…


New WSUS product category coming

WSUS Admins:  I wanted to let you know about a new product category you will be able to see in your synch options product dialog.  The product is called Microsoft Codename Max  which is a new consumer beta offering from Microsoft.  While this product category will be added to the WSUS synch options product dialog, there…


Implementing WSUS with ISA Server 2004 to manage remote clients

This paper describes an implementation using WSUS in combination with ISA 2004, to extend an Intranet-based patch management solution to a growing number of mobile, or remote clients.  


New Revision to be released for Office 2003 SP2

WSUS Admin update – A new (2nd) revision will be published for the Office 2003 SP2.  In the previous update release of Office 2003 SP2, some AutoUpdate and Microsoft Update customers experienced installation failures, in most cases due to a damaged Local Installation Source, which in some cases is required for the SP2 installation.  Because user interaction is necessary to resolve this…


The upcoming MVP Summitt

This year’s MVP Global Summitt is going to be awesome for the Software Distribution team and our MVP’s!   The  team, which consists of the Windows Update and Microsoft Update sites, publishing infrastructure, the WSUS  (server & client), BITS and the Group Policy teams, are completely jazzed about meeting with our MVPs at this year’s summitt!!!  Our…