Cool post about tracking DNS record deletion by Sneh Shah

Hey DNS fans, Microsoft Support Engineer Sheh Shah has published Tracking DNS Record Deletion in the Microsoft Enterprise Networking Team blog. This post describes in great technical detail the process of enabling auditing and viewing the audit events for Active Directory-integrated DNS zones. Very cool, in-depth technical content from those who know it best. Check it out….


Network Diagnostics and Tracing in Windows 7, The Cable Guy article for April 2010

The Cable Guy article for April 2010, titled “Network Diagnostics and Tracing in Windows 7,” is now available. Diagnostics for networking issues in WIndows 7 is now integrated into the notification area, the Troubleshooting item in Control Panel, and network tracing using Event Tracing for Windows (ETW). For a listing of the most recent The Cable Guy articles,…


The Microsoft DirectAccess Connectivity Assistant (DCA) is now available!

The Solution Accelerators Team has just released the Microsoft DirectAccess Connectivity Assistant (DCA), a solution accelerator that helps streamline end-user support for DirectAccess. The DCA installs on DirectAccess clients and adds an icon to the notification area of the desktop. With this icon, you can determine your intranet connectivity status. The DCA also provides tools…


New Network Diagnostic Framework and Network Tracing Features in Windows 7

If you have ever needed to troubleshoot network client connectivity problems, you know that trying to uncover the source of those problems can be quite difficult. Even very small office and home office (SOHO) networks have numerous components that must all function for clients to connect to the Web or to network resources. You might…