IPv6 Survival Guide is the featured article in the TechNet Wiki

The IPv6 Survival Guide (http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/ipv6-survival-guide.aspx) is featured on the TechNet Wiki home page. The IPv6 Survival Guide contains an organized set of links to Microsoft and third-party resources on IPv6. Because this is a TechNet Wiki topic, you can add resources that you have found valuable in learning about or evaluating IPv6 for your networks.   Joe DaviesPrincipal WriterWindows…


Cool set of topics on the Windows Firewall service by David Pracht

Hey Windows Firewall fans, Senior Support Escalation Engineer David Pracht has published the following set of articles about understanding and troubleshooting why the Windows Firewall service fails to start in the Microsoft Enterprise Networking Team blog: Introduction Logon Permissions Registry Permissions Checking Privilege Access Dependencies Very cool, in-depth technical content from those who know it…


New Video: Running SetPrint.ps1 on Windows Server 2008 R2

We posted a new video at TechNet Edge: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/edge/running-setprint-ps1-on-windows-server-2008-r2 This video shows you how to run a PowerShell script that sets default settings for all the print queues on your Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2008 print server. The script can set the following default settings: color, mono, twosided, onesided, and staple. You…


"Change Driver Installation Security for Printers Deployed Using Group Policy" article updated based on your feedback

The topic titled Change Driver Installation Security for Printers Deployed Using Group Policy has been updated by Senior Technical Writer Vic Horne based on your feedback. Vic made a technical correction about the location of the Point and Print Restrictions Group Policy setting and added information about why the setting exists in both the User Configuration and…


"Windows Server: The Power of Integration" TechNet Magazine article highlights the DirectAccess with NAP solution guide and Test Lab Guides

Windows Server: The Power of Integration in TechNet Magazine describes how you can use multiple features and technologies of the Windows client and server platforms to create new value in the form of a solution that addresses an IT capability or business need. This article highlights the DirectAccess with Network Access Protection (NAP) Solution guide that I authored…


Important post in the IPv6 blog about the upcoming World IPv6 Day

Greetings IPv6 fans, IPv6 Program Manager Christopher Palmer just posted ?????World IPv6 Day and Windows?? in the IPv6 Product Team blog. Check this out for information about World IPv6 Day on Wednesday, June 8, 2011. It includes an IPv6 Connectivity Analysis tool that tells you if you are ready. IPv6 is coming…are you getting ahead…


DirectAccess Learning Roadmap wins Excellence Award at the International STC

In this blog post, I described how the Windows Server networking writing team won six awards from the Puget Sound chapter of the Society for Technical Communication (STC). The STC is an independent professional association that advances the arts and sciences of technical communication. I am proud to announce that the DirectAccess Learning Roadmap has…


Learning Roadmaps template page in the TechNet Wiki is now available

To help you develop and publish your own Learning Roadmap in the TechNet Wiki, the Learning Roadmaps template provides you with the basic structure of a Learning Roadmap topic and boilerplate text for filling out the Prerequisite, Level 100, Level 200, Level 300, and Level 400 sections. Create, publish, but by all means, enjoy.    Joe DaviesPrincipal Technical WriterWindows Server Information Experience  


The "IPv6 Test Lab Extension: Demonstrating an IPv6-only Environment" is now available

The Demonstrating an IPv6-only Environment extension for the IPv6 Test Lab is now available. With this extension, you reconfigure DC1, the native IPv6 router for the Corpnet and Corpnet2 subnets, to stop advertising address prefixes and act as a DHCPv6 server to assign IPv6 addresses and the IPv6 address of a DNS server (DC1). Then, you disable IPv4…


Networking topics updated based on your feedback

In this blog post, I described how you can provide us with ratings and comments for our topics on TechNet and MSDN through the Click to Rate and Give Feedback facility. Recently, the following Windows networking topics were updated based on your comments: Dnscmd Syntax  Added information about the use of the /file switch with…