Deploy DHCP Using Windows PowerShell in Windows Server 2016

The new deployment guide Deploy DHCP Using Windows PowerShell demonstrates how to deploy a TCP/IP version 4 DHCP server without using Server Manager, the Add Roles and Features wizard, or any other user interface (UI) element in Windows Server 2016.

You can use this guide for single subnet deployment of DHCP, multiple subnet deployment, deployment in an Active Directory domain, or deployment of a standalone DHCP server in a workgroup environment.

Also included are the requirements for using this document as a test lab guide, in case you want to deploy in test before production, and a simple list of all of the commands and example values that are used in the guide - for those who want to use the commands in scripts.

For those who are new to DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protool - you can use DHCP to automatically assign IP address leases and other IP configuration items, called DHCP options, to DHCP clients on your network. Automatic allocation of IP addresses and DHCP options saves you the time and trouble of manually configuring TCP/IP v4 properties for every network adapter in every computer and device on your network.

For more information, see Deploy DHCP Using Windows PowerShell.

To download this document in Word format from TechNet Gallery, see Deploy DHCP Using Windows PowerShell in Windows Server® 2016.

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