Four New DNS Policy Scenarios for Windows Server 2016

Back in April 2016, this blog announced the initial publication of the New DNS Policy Scenario Guide for Windows Server 2016.

Then in July 2016, this blog announced two new published scenarios in Expanded DNS Policy Scenario Guide for Windows Server 2016.

Today, the Windows Server docs team is announcing that the DNS Policy Scenario Guide for Windows Server 2016 is again expanded, this time with four new scenarios:

About the DNS Policy Scenario Guide

DNS Policy is a new feature for DNS in Windows Server 2016. You can use this guide to learn how to use DNS policy to control how a DNS server processes name resolution queries based on different parameters that you define in policies.

This guide contains DNS policy overview information, as well as specific DNS policy scenarios that provide you with instructions on how to configure DNS server behavior to accomplish your goals.

The DNS Policy Scenario Guide is available:


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