RAS Gateway Deployment Architecture for Software Defined Networking in Windows Server 2016

If you work for a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) or Enterprise that is planning on deploying Software Defined Networking (SDN) in Windows Server 2016, you will be interested in the topic RAS Gateway Deployment Architecture, which is now live on the Web.

When you deploy SDN, you use Hyper-V Network Virtualization to create tenant Virtual Networks. If you want to connect the tenant Virtual Networks to the remote tenant sites or to the Internet, you need to deploy RAS Gateway for SDN.

RAS Gateway includes multitenant mode, and allows you to create individual Virtual Gateways for up to 100 tenants, depending on the bandwidth required by your tenants.

RAS Gateway Deployment Architecture provides information on how to design your gateway infrastructure while incorporating significant new features for the server role. This topic includes an example deployment, information on New Tenants and Customer Address (CA) Space EBGP Peering, Route Synchronization and Data Plane Routing, and how you use Network Controller to manage your gateways.

For more information, see RAS Gateway Deployment Architecture, Add a Virtual Gateway to a Tenant Virtual Network, and What's New in RAS Gateway.

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