Deploy Network Controller in Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview using Windows PowerShell

In Windows Server® 2016 Technical Preview, you can use Windows PowerShell to deploy Network Controller on multiple computer or virtual machine (VM) nodes and create a cluster for high availability.

Network Controller is a key feature of the Microsoft Software Defined Networking solution. Network Controller provides a centralized, programmable point of automation to manage, configure, monitor, and troubleshoot virtual and physical network infrastructure in your datacenter. Using Network Controller, you can automate the configuration of network infrastructure instead of performing manual configuration of network devices and services.

For more overview information, see Network Controller..

To deploy Network Controller on a single or multiple nodes, whether the nodes are computers or VMs, you must install the Network Controller server role, configure the Network Controller cluster, and then configure the Network Controller application - and you can do it all by using Windows PowerShell.

For more information, see Deploy Network Controller using Windows PowerShell.

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