Core Network Guide for Windows Server 2016

The Core Network Guide for Windows Server 2016 is now live in the technical library on TechNet.

This guide is designed for network and system administrators who are installing a new network or who want to create a domain-based network to replace a network that consists of workgroups. The deployment scenario provided in this guide is particularly useful if you foresee the need to add more services and features to your network in the future, because it provides a solid foundation upon which you can build.

With this guide you can learn to plan for and deploy a new Active Directory domain in a new forest, configure your first DNS server and reverse lookup zone, install and configure a DHCP server to dynamically provide client computers with IP addresses and options, and join servers and clients to the domain.

There are also additional, optional instructions on how to deploy Network Policy Server (NPS) and Web Server in case you want to get started with adding 802.1X wired or wireless segments to your network.

For more information, see the Core Network Guide.

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