New Windows Server Gateway Hardware and Configuration Requirements topic live on the Web

Windows Server Gateway (WSG) is a virtual machine (VM)-based software router that allows Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and Enterprises to enable datacenter and cloud network traffic routing between virtual and physical networks, including the Internet.

WSG is deployed on a dedicated computer that is running Hyper-V and that is configured with one VM. The VM is then configured as a WSG. For high availability of network resources, you can deploy WSG with failover by using two physical host servers running Hyper-V that are each also running a virtual machine (VM) that is configured as a gateway. The gateway VMs are then configured as a cluster to provide failover protection against network outages and hardware failure.

When you deploy WSG, the host servers running Hyper-V and the VMs that you configure as gateways must be running Windows Server 2012 R2 Preview.

If you’re planning on repurposing or purchasing new hardware to deploy WSG, you can use the new topic Windows Server Gateway Hardware and Configuration Requirements, at to ensure that your hardware and configuration are optimized for your WSG deployment. 

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