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The IPAM team and I have just published design, deployment, and operations guidance for IP Address Management (IPAM) in Windows Server 2012.

Check out these guides, and the topics available in each:

  • IPAM Overview: Is a brief description of IPAM in Server 2012.
  • What's New in IPAM: Has recent changes in IPAM.
  • Understanding IPAM: Provides an introduction with design and planning information.
    • What is IPAM?
    • IPAM Terminology
    • Getting Started with IPAM
    • IPAM Architecture
    • IPAM Deployment Planning
  • IPAM Deployment Guide: Provides detailed, click-by-click deployment instructions.
    • Planning to Deploy IPAM
    • Implementing Your IPAM Design Plan
    • Checklist: Deploy IPAM
    • Deploying IPAM Server
    • Deploying IPAM Client
    • Assigning IPAM Server and Administrator Roles
  • Network Management with IPAM: Provides operational, troubleshooting, and best practices guidance.
    • Using the IPAM Client Console
    • Managing Server Inventory
    • Managing IP Address Space
    • Multi-server Management
    • IP Address Tracking
    • Operational Event Tracking
    • Using Windows PowerShell with IPAM
    • Best Practices
    • Troubleshooting IPAM
    • IPAM Backup and Restore
  • Step-by-step: Configure IPAM to Manage Your IP Address Space: Provides procedures to set up IPAM in a test lab.

Note: If you’re looking for an IPAM quick start, see Getting Started with IPAM in the Understanding IPAM guide.

Greg Lindsay, Sr. Technical Writer, Windows Server (DNS, DHCP, IPAM).

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