New Quality of Service (QoS) documentation for Windows Server 2012

Over the last week, a lot of new QoS content published that provides guidance on how and when to configure QoS, Data Center Bridging (DCB), and other technologies on your physical or virtual network. Following is a list of content that is updated or new:

Quality of Service (QoS) Overview, at This topic is updated with information about Bandwidth Management, Classification and Tagging, Priority-based Flow Control, and QoS for the physical network (Policy-based QoS) and virtual network (Hyper-V QoS).

QoS Common Configurations, at This new topic provides a few common server configurations and illustrates where QoS can be enforced. These configurations are 2 NICs without NIC Teaming, 2 NICs with NIC Teaming, 4 NICS in two NIC Teams, 4 NICS with a standard NIC Team and two Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) NICs, and an alternate configuration for the last configuration.

QoS Minimum Bandwidth Best Practices, at This topic provides guidelines for when to use Minimum Bandwidth, which is a new feature in QoS for Windows Server 2012. This includes information on Minimum Bandwidth Modes, using Minimum Bandwidth and DCB, and configuring QoS and NIC Teaming.

Policy-based Quality of Service (QoS) ( ) and Configuring Policy-based Quality of Service (QoS) ( ). These topics are updated with new information that assists you in deploying QoS on your physical network.

Hyper-V Quality of Service (QoS), at This topic is updated with new information that assists you in deploying QoS on your virtual network.

QoS Frequently Asked Questions, at This topic provides answers to common questions for QoS.



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