The "IPv6 Test Lab Extension: Demonstrating an IPv6-only Environment" is now available

The Demonstrating an IPv6-only Environment extension for the IPv6 Test Lab is now available.

With this extension, you reconfigure DC1, the native IPv6 router for the Corpnet and Corpnet2 subnets, to stop advertising address prefixes and act as a DHCPv6 server to assign IPv6 addresses and the IPv6 address of a DNS server (DC1). Then, you disable IPv4 on all interfaces on the Contoso intranet and test Active Directory, Web, and file sharing to show that it works the same as the Base Configuration test lab (which is an IPv4-only environment).

You can snapshot this new configuration and use it to test whether your applications will work properly in an IPv6-only environment.

With this extension, the Test Lab Guide (TLG) stack for the IPv6 test lab looks like the following:




Joe Davies
Principal Writer
Windows Server Information Experience

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