IPv6 Test Lab Portal and IPv6 Test Lab Extension: Demonstrating DHCPv6 now available

The IPv6 Test Lab for Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 topic is now available in the TechNet Wiki. This portal topic shows the IPv6 test lab configuration and provides links to IPv6 test lab extensions and other content for the IPv6 test lab.

The IPv6 Test Lab Extension: Demonstrating DHCPv6 reconfigures DC1, the native IPv6 router for the Corpnet and Corpnet2 subnets, to stop advertising address prefixes and act as a DHCPv6 server. Additionally, you configure DC1 with a DHCPv6 option for the IPv6 address of a DNS server.

If you publish an IPv6 test lab extension or modular Test Lab Guide that extends the IPv6 Test Lab, please add a link to it on this new page.

This page also links to the Adding IPv6 Connectivity test lab extension, which describes how to add IPv6 connectivity to the VPN remote access lab.



Joe Davies
Principal Writer
Windows Server Information Experience

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