Community Suggestions for Ramping up on IPv6 stub topic in the TechNet Wiki

Although I have published the IPv6 Learning Roadmap, which provides a structured set of resources and learning goals to ramp up on IPv6 based on Microsoft-authored resources, it is not the only true path to IPv6 mastery.

All practicing IT pros will have to learn about IPv6; some sooner, some later. If there are other resources that you have found or have used to ramp up technically on IPv6, you can now add them to the Community Suggestions for Ramping up on IPv6 stub topic in the TechNet Wiki. A stub topic gives potential contributors ideas of what should go into the topic. Anybody with a Windows Live account can contribute to the TechNet Wiki.

If you have found a resource out there that helped turn the IPv6 lights on, please share it with the community through this new topic. Thanks!

Lather, rinse, repeat, but enjoy.

Joe Davies
Principal Writer
Windows Server Information Experience


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