DirectAccess test lab discussion integrated into the DirectAccess guides

Test lab guides, currently known as “step-by-step” guides, provide instructions to configure a feature, technology, or product in a test lab with a minimum number of steps and computers.

Based on the success (almost 40,000 successful downloads) and positive feedback on the DirectAccess test lab guide, I have integrated the discussion of the DirectAccess test lab, such as its configuration and behavior, into the published guides for DirectAccess.

DirectAccess Design Guide

Where appropriate, DirectAccess Design Guide topics include notes on how the DirectAccess test lab has been configured, how to demonstrate a specific behavior, or how to try something. Here are some examples:


·         Full Intranet Access Example (To demonstrate…)

·         Selected Server Access Example (To demonstrate…)

·         Design for Remote Management (To demonstrate…)

·         Design Your DNS Infrastructure for DirectAccess (The DirectAccess test lab uses…)

·         Design Your PKI for DirectAccess (The DirectAccess test lab uses…)

·         Appendix B: Reviewing Key DirectAccess Concepts (The DirectAccess test lab uses…    and   try this…)


DirectAccess Deployment Guide

All deployment checklists now include an optional, but recommended step to set up the DirectAccess test lab. Click here for an example.


DirectAccess Troubleshooting Guide

Topics include references to the Troubleshoot DirectAccess test lab guide, which you can use to learn about DirectAccess troubleshooting tools and techniques. Click here for an example.


DirectAccess Technical Reference

Topics include instructions to test the described functionality in the DirectAccess test lab. Click here for an example.


The recently updated DirectAccess Design, Deployment, and Troubleshooting Guides download contains these changes.

Check it out, but most of all, enjoy.


Joe Davies
Principal Writer
Windows Server Networking Documentation Team

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