Spotlight on the Microsoft Enterprise Networking Team blog

I thought I would take the opportunity to spotlight a very cool blog for Windows Networking: the Microsoft Enterprise Networking Team blog at, published by the Customer Service and Support (CSS) Enterprise Platforms Networking team.

This blog is a gold mine of great content that describes how Windows networking works and provides answers to common customer support questions and issues. Hats off to my associates on the CSS Enterprise Platforms Networking team!

Here are some examples of the content on this blog:

·         Posts describing new networking Knowledgebase articles. Here is a recent example:

New Networking-related KB articles for the week of July 19 – July 25

·         Detailed posts on DNS. Check these out:

DNS Client Resolver Behavior

DNS Round Robin and Destination IP address selection

DNS Client Name Resolution behavior in Windows Vista vs. Windows XP

Optimizing your network to keep your DNS squeaky clean

·         Posts describing core networking protocols and behaviors. Check these out:

Source IP address selection on a Multi-Homed Windows Computer

TCP/IP Networking from the Wire Up

DHCP Client Behavior

·         Posts covering obscure corners of Windows networking, where no one else dares to go. Check these out:

SNMP Traps in Windows Server

RPC to Go v.3 – Named Pipes

Configuring Advanced Network Card Settings in Windows Server 2008 Server Core

·         Posts that answer specific common questions. Here is an example:

Why is my network detected as “unknown” by Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008?

If you haven’t already, get an RSS feed going on the Microsoft Enterprise Networking Team blog.

Explore, learn, and enjoy!


Joe Davies
Principal Technical Writer
The Windows Server Networking Documentation Team

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