Day One at Tech Ed 2009 North America

Greetings from Tech Ed 2009 North America!

Day One had the Keynote address, breakout sessions, hands-on labs, and the partner expo.

The Keynote had a number of very interesting demos showing the new features of Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7. Mark Russinovich did the Windows 7 demos. It is always great to see Mark present. His passion and technical mastery is an inspiration.  

One demo showed the usefulness of DirectAccess:

  • An Internet-connected computer had an Outlook message with a link to an intranet SharePoint document. Without DirectAccess, a user would have to manually connect to the intranet using a VPN connection before the intranet resource was available. With DirectAccess, no manual connection is necessary. The user can simply click the intranet resource link and the document gets successfully opened, providing the same user experience as if they were physically (or wirelessly) connected to the intranet. Cool stuff!

If you are here at Tech Ed, please stop by and see the Documentation and User Assistance booth in the Windows Server (WSV-orange) area of the Technical Learning Center (TLC).

Here are some items of interest for networking folks in the Technical Learning Center (TLC):

·         DirectAccess, Network Access Protection (NAP), BranchCache hands-on labs

·         DirectAccess, NAP, and BranchCache booths

Stop by, learn, explore, and enjoy!


Joe Davies
Principal Technical Writer
The Windows Server Networking Documentation Team

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