When opening the Word document users are getting error “Word cannot start the converter mswrd632.wpc” or “Cannot load Word for Windows 6.0 files”

Problem: – When attempting to open a Word document, users are getting one of following error 1)      Word cannot start the converter mswrd632.wpc 2)      Cannot load Word for Windows 6.0 files Cause: – This issue may be started happening after you applied following security update. You may be trying to open a file has the…


How to know when an add-in might be causing Word to behave unexpectedly

Because there are many ways to customize Microsoft Office Word, there is an uncounted number of add-ins available for you to extend the capabilities of Word and to integrate Word with other programs. Sometimes, however, an add-in might be causing problems for you. Consider the following symptoms. When you try to quit Word, you get…


Microsoft Office Word: Basic problem solving tools for when unexpected things happen

Just like many other trades and professions, the Microsoft Office Word support engineer uses a basic set of tools on a daily basis. But while carpenters, cooks, gardeners, and auto mechanics might use physical tools to solve problems, the Word support engineer’s basic tools are a set of Microsoft Knowledge Base articles related to Word….